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    Quote Originally Posted by Butler to Baby Sloths View Post
    Doing those ~10 trash mobs plus two bosses on heroic is nothing like the mage tower.
    yeah, mage tower was really a feat of strenght and 100% knowledge of your class and the boss
    the slime serpent is just about doing some trash mob and 2 boss, the third boss being the real difficulty because of the adds to kill quickly but thats all and after the next raid tier, that will be ez win for every spec who cant do it now

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    It really is not. The slime serpent is relatively easy for anyone who has a tank spec and is geared around 210-220. If it was mythic-difficulty exclusive, maybe, but that would still be easily outdone by gear.

    Dungeon bosses are just not designed to be good solo challenges. They are designed with a 5 man team in mind. At the point when you are able to solo a challenge intended for more than 1 person, you are definitely able to somewhat ignore parts of the fight. Mage towers were designed from the very start to be solo challenges, and were actually, arguably, overtuned at the moment they came out. Whether that was intentional or not remains anyone's guess, but the fact is also gear/time diminished the difficulty. However, even at the very end of 7.3, mage towers were moderately challenging and for 99,9% players they required a good couple tries to learn the mechanics.

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    That reminds me, is there an easy way to check what mage tower appearances you have/completed? I remember that while I got most I missed a few specs, but not sure how to check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoide View Post
    Unlike the mage tower, this will be completely outgeared in the same expansion and if you want to do it in the next expansion it won't be going away. So that urgency of doing it before it's cut off is gone. It really isn't anything like the mage tower at all, except that it's a bit challenging right now.
    Mage tower was crushable by the end of the patch it was released in because of gear. Even more so in the patch that followed it.

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    No it’s not because it’s literally free on any tanking class or Hunter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenJesus View Post
    I mean by 7.3.5 I was able to do mage tower easily with nearly fresh toons by just getting them some LFR gear and legendaries. I think in the last week or 2 I leveled a couple classes and got multiple specs their mage tower appearances. By the end of the expansion it was nearly a joke for many specs. Although you still needed to execute the mechanics properly. It was just much more forgiving. Some of them were still hard though. I think one of the rogues ones I wasn't able to do.
    Depended heavily on what legendary items you got even with gear in some cases. The mage tower in most cases not all granted I would say was roughly equal to a mythic raid boss in terms of difficulty and lowered itself to a heroic with higher ilv.

    Some mage tower bosses were a absolute joke anyone with grimtotem was a freebie with the easiest being disc priest by a metric mile.

    Others like affliction warlock (before it was found out you could break the fight by inflicting terror on the npc to bug it out) was absurdly difficult without the proper leggo.

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    How are those two things even comparable? You can level a tank to 60, get moderately decent gear and get the slime serpent in less than a week.
    If you reply to me with a full essay I'm probably not going to bother reading it, sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irian View Post
    How are those two things even comparable? You can level a tank to 60, get moderately decent gear and get the slime serpent in less than a week.
    They are not but wow has two distinct crowds those who are ravenous for challenging solo content and those who despise it because they feel slighted by it.

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