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    Isnt that what happened with Legion where she came out of nowhere and became Warchief
    I mean they used Illidan twice for that, no? Once in TBC and in legion? No reason you can't use it again... wait 2 expansions or so and then sylvanas reveal at blizzcon and it will be cheered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unholyground View Post
    What I am saying is if they move too far from Warcraft's inspirations they will piss more people off which in turn loses them money, the game is about making $$ not about your or my happiness.
    Yes, leave it to Blizzard to use the patented business model: "Make your players hate everything you do for maximum profit."

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    Quote Originally Posted by otaXephon View Post
    Yes, leave it to Blizzard to use the patented business model: "Make your players hate everything you do for maximum profit."
    It seems to be working no? lol. I am just waiting for 9.1 so the token price drops and I can get like 3 tokens and cash them out and I won't be playing retail again after I do that, until then I am going to play other games and the Diablo 2 Alpha/Beta.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyfaria View Post
    I've read the post about 15 times, and no where does it say she dies in the next raid.
    People are assuming because she is a boss in the next raid that she dies. But as Garrosh has shown, that is not a guarantee.

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    Warcraft: Sylvanas

    That's how the game should be named by now.

    Also guys, remember Sylvanas is still alive... well, as alive as an Undead can be. We can kill her, as she can die once without real consequences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemos daemonium View Post
    Golden doesn’t actually create/guide the story she just flesh’s out the ideas that the lore team has rather that be in cutscenes or books and then add fluff.

    The same thing Knaack did but with added cutscenes and such.
    Her Twitter posts and her professional bio say otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kagthul View Post
    Her Twitter posts and her professional bio say otherwise.
    Like this Twitter post?
    Sadly no, I don't work for either the WoW game team or Lore, so I'm not authorized to definitively state anything

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    Golden is a hack.
    The story post-WotLK has been shithouse.
    Blizzard are keeping WoW on lifesupport because people have a sunk cost syndrome with WoW and that beta males keep paying their subs.

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    Biggest and bluntest critique of this is yet another novel that tells story/motivations rather than actually doing this shite in game.

    Im sick of novels, legit, I really am bored, make this shit "In game" stuff things we see, even if its just a story/filler patch, id rather.

    Im sick of novels that are literally just there to cover the gaps and explain stuff outside of a franchise that has specific storylines told IN game.

    SO in other words, what frustrates me? This legit will be how we learn all teh shite like "The deal with Helya" and "Her redemption" or some other crap, its going to show us very little in game and then rush her story so all the interesting stuff is completley mitigated by this pointless novel just to fill the time.

    Then 9.1 comes out, her story is finished and suddenly theres no point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otaXephon View Post
    /shrug -- shit happens, I still think a work of fiction should be judged by the merits of writing quality rather than some arbitrary points of contention that fans have already decided they're going to be upset about. Like I said, I'm not a huge fan of Christie Golden's work but it seems like players on this forum just want to shit-talk her work for having the audacity to exist.
    Nothing about her just existing. She's written several books thus far that have received negative feedback from the community. Maybe some have positives as well. Not really sure why the negativity around her specifically exists, but the fact that we're expecting retcon city is just because we're, rightfully, expecting retcon city.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    Christie Golden is a instant "do not buy".
    Weird, for me Christie Golden is an instant buy, already pre-ordered mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by cczx2bx6 View Post
    Weird, for me Christie Golden is an instant buy, already pre-ordered mine
    Admittedly, most of Golden's recent writing is kind of Alliance bent.

    But she also wrote Lord of the Clans, Rise of the Horde, and other Horde-majority books as well. For example, one of her first Horde books has a 4.2 out of 5 from 7,000 ratings, is that considered positive?

    She wrote Sylvanas as an incredibly relatable - and sympathetic character - in her Lich King novel, the way she portrayed Sylvanas's struggle against an unbeatable enemy at Quel'Thalas was actually deeply moving, I think for players of both factions. But I'm not sure why her later portrayal seems so different. Of course, I'm not sure how most people would want Sylvanas to be portrayed -- too sympathetic and soft, and she really isn't Sylvanas either.

    I don't like some of the contradictions. For example, Sylvanas wanted to attack Stormwind in Before the Storm - but then, in the next major expansion, we forget that she wanted to do so, and she wanted to attack Teldrassil for whatever reason, despite having almost no interest or interaction with the night elves. And I think she does focus too much on Baine - despite Baine, well, not being the most popular Horde character.

    I think at the very least, while I understand she has received considerable criticism from some people, her writing is better most other writers Blizzard have hired over the years. For example, I recently reread...another Warcraft novel written years ago by another writer, focused on another major character. And I don't like to criticize others' writing, but it was honestly not one of my favorite novels, the author tried their best, but it just didn't really click with me.

    Since she wrote the first major novel with Sylvanas - and the one in which she was killed and raised - I think it is in a sense fitting that she ends her story...for better or for worse.
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    About time they explain her reasoning, been only like forever they left us in the dark with her.

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