View Poll Results: Do you have four level 60 characters with each covenant yet or plans for it?

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    57 33.93%
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    42 25.00%
  • Yes I have characters with each of the 4 covenants

    69 41.07%
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    Ive got 4 toons at max level in each separate faction.

    I chose the "best" for my first two (mage & DH) and then picked whatever had the cooler armor for the next two.

    As I plow through the rest of my toons I'll just pick who has the coolest armor for that armor class that I haven't already unlocked.

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    I was on route to have every class at max level and the plan was to have each armor type represented on each Covenant.

    Then I took an arrow to the knee in the shape of "Why the hell bother with this before flying?" and quit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tente View Post
    4 Priests, each on a different covenant

    I'm now leveling random class / covenant combo
    I actually planned to do something like, but I didn't, I probably will though after I decide what class I enjoy the most.

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    While I initially planned to cap all 12 classes I only had enough fun to hit cap once fully and just shy on a second. Covenants certainly aren't a reason to hit cap - it's just kind of there.

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    At 60 I have:

    3 Night Fae's - Mage/Druid/Hunter
    2 Venthyr - Mage/Warrior
    2 Necrolord - Death Knight/Warlock
    1 Kyrian - Priest

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    I do. Unfortunately it didn’t increase, but decrease my motivation to play.
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    2 at 60.
    1 druid in night fae
    1 hunter venthyr not playing at this time
    working on leveling others, but very slowly
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    I wanted to, but i leveled two characters and was done for life

    its boring/time consuming, and not fun at all

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    I'll probably end up doing so eventually, just been lazy with leveling alts so far. At the moment I have:

    Druid (Feral) - Night Fae
    Mage (Frost) - Necrolord

    I really don't care about the meta, I had decided on that first one as soon as the covenant abilities were announced.

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    Druid - Night Fae Keep my druid for pure healing/tank
    Rogue - Venthyr Rogue idk yet
    Dk - necro DK for pvp xmog set in 9.1
    Monk - Kyrian. Monk for dps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richardbro View Post
    I have 3 characters with Night Fae, Kyrian and Venthyr but I plan on having all 4 in the next few months just to experience each story and get all the specific rewards and achievements.

    Do you have all the covenants on four characters?
    Yeah, I have 4. I've shifted away from concept of having all 12 classes, because class balance is terrible and some classes are much weaker, than others. That's why I have 4 same class characters. So, now I have one armor type sets only. My plan is to have all 16. Again. I don't think, I'll level different classes for this purpose. I'll pick the best ones.

    But problem is - exceeding Anima grind doesn't allow me to play them all and lack of flying prevents me from leveling new alts. That's why I'm unsubbed now. Will resub, when flying will be available. If Blizzard think, that removing character power from endless grind has fixed it's problem, then they're wrong. Endless grind is overall bad idea.

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    I do but I barely play two of them. At some point maybe I'll focus on them more but for now keeping two characters on top of things is already enough for me. The anima grind is insanely daunting.

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    I have all 4 since before Christmas.

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    I was planning to

    My main in Maldarxxus
    Shaman in Revendreth
    Demon Hunter on Ardenweald
    Paladin in retard heaven

    But I got bored
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    exactly that as the mounts and pets are my only motivation. I was motivated by legacy transmog runs until the whole "end of the expansion" thing.

    WW Monk Night Fae
    Ret Paladin Kyrian
    MM Hunter Venthyr
    Enh Shaman Necrolord

    shaman mail is the main armor I wanted to do transmog runs for hence two mail wearers but I'm regretting necrolord on my shaman wishing I had gone venthyr with him but since necrolord is the biggest source of pets and mounts and the progress I've made I can't see changing him to anything else anytime soon. pretty much only when I get my elemental shaman leveled and if anima gains are reasonable enough.

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    Im just waiting for Blizzard to let us switch more easily...Not gonna fucking grind like an ass on random alts just to get all the mounts and achievements But in the end I bet I haft to level some...Its gonna be legion class halls all over again.
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    I did level a 3rd character last weekend to 60 and started doing all the end game stuff with unlocking all the systems and to start up the campaign. I'm only missing a character for the Venthyr but I haven't decided who to pick. As of now my comp is:

    Protection Warrior - Kyrian
    Unholy Death Knight - Necrolord
    Marksmanship Hunter - Night Fae

    Gotta say that doing alts this expansion feels a lot more chore-ish than I expected to. Mostly because the leveling process and doing stuff like Torghast is just not engaging to me at all, its why it took me forever to get myself to level a 3rd alt this late into the expansion. I still want to see the Venthyr stuff at least at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalam the Venom View Post
    Night fae & Bastion are not storylines i care about.

    I got a DK in necrolords and an Enh shaman in venthyr
    How come someone not be interesting such area. And the quests were much more interesting than Maldraxxus & Reven imo, didnt feel like "can it end?" Even though i liked to meet KT & KT!

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    - - - Updated - - -

    Priest - Venthyr, Druid - Night fae, Shaman - Necrolord, Monk (still level 57 for a few months) Kyrian. - These edits, not been posting on MMO for many years, thought i made a new post, seems it auto edit. Cool.

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    I have 4 clothies (2 priests, mage and lock) not only because I love casters, but also because 3 out of the 4 cloth sets are quite cool. Kyrian set looks dope on one of my priests, and NF/Venthyr sets aren't too shabby either. Now, the Necrolord cloth set is ugly as sin, but I like Unholy Nova too much on my other (disc) priest to pass up :/
    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    As for the "hone your skills" argument that some are tossing around, fuck that. Most people want to have fun. They're not logging onto WoW, the video game, as a self-improvement project. That's a ridiculous notion and goes right along with the idea that the game is "work." If it's not 'play' then you're doing it wrong. Sadly this is a concept that the devs seem to have lost sight of in their quest to keep anyone and everyone busy.

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    Mains: Paladin - Kyrian, Druid - Night Fae, Druid - Necrolord, Demon Hunter - Venthyr. Other alts are whatever

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