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    Honestly, Necrotic on it's own is not that bad.
    It's the combination of Necrotic and Bolstering which makes it horrible, as party's will tend to kill the mobs at the same time as to not superbuff a single mob.
    If it had been sanguine and necrotic, I do think it would be more manageable, but current, the combination of two affixes that directly oppose each other in how you deal with em, makes it far harder than it needs to be.
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    I'm trying to find it, I swear that's what they said at the time but it's annoying trying to find where it was said.

    But I remember it being something along the lines that "too many screw ups on affixes just end up falling on the healers" basically, and that it should punish the DPS more instead of just falling on the healer again.

    volcanic used to do a lot of damage in high keys. Now it does some damage but mostly interrupts your rotation so the range dps is actually doing less dmg and is annoyed more when getting hit instead of just annoying the healer. But... it is now almost the same as quaking.

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