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    Before Tupac there was Shock G R.I.P Hip Hop (Rap)

    Introducing 2pac

    Some of the Original Kings of the West Coast

    Back when I used to love Rap and Hip Hop

    R.I.P Shock G, one of the few and only to bring his theatrical style along with lyrical skill and of course ability to compose some of the best Urban Music from the 80's to 90's and beyond.
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    Damn man, DU had some bangers back then RIP to Shock G!

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    Weirdest fucking thing. Humpty Dance crawled into my head yesterday but I kept messing up parts of it with Doowutchyalike. Spent some time on Wednesday listening to Digital Underground clarifying.

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    Back when Rap was a campy innocent thing.

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    cool i guess

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    Damn, that sucks. Dude was way too young.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daedius View Post
    Back when Rap was a campy innocent thing.

    NWA came out a year before Digital Underground.

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    Holy shit how did this fly under my radar. Shock G was the fucking man.

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    The luniz was popular when I was young. They played That stuff on the radio every day.

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    Too young. RIP.
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