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    Green man said Fel is good.
    Green man was right!
    Eyes burning red, skin clad in fel, fire in hands.

    Crush the enemies. See them driven before you. Hear lamentation of their women.

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    My favorite Sega mega drive 2 game was Warlock. Where you basically were kind of a mage and the big bad guy was the Warlock but he was pretty cool. Also when i first saw the trailer of the original game with that human mage vs undead warlock scene i told: "I wanna be that guy!"

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    The topic of this post should be asked when 9.1 comes out. Cause as of the latest build from 5-18-21, affliction got so gutted that Kalamazi could barely sustain above 5.4K on his new video. So affliction is not looking hot for 9.1 right now. Destro and demo is where the party might be at..........MAYBE.
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    I always loved Warlock because of the idea of a "dark" caster appealed to me. I honestly don't particularly like pet classes, but the class fantasy of both Affliction and Destruction I totally dig. Demonology not so much (again, hate pets) but I did like MoP Demo because it was more all-in on the carnage rather than pet shenanigans.

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    I like dots and the affliction playstyle.

    Shadow priests weren't really a thing back in vanilla beyond mana batteries.

    17 years or so later, I melt faces with dots, felfire, and demons.

    Nothing interesting about my reasons.
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    I rolled my first ever Warlock, a female Goblin named Pelixxia, in MoP. First reason was that I saw the CM transmog set, and I needed to have it. I got it on every class.

    Second reason that made me go for Warlock, was seeing the wings players were wearing in MoP, that whole Tanky-spec stuff.
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    Played it from vanilla to Legion/Bfa when they ruined all the SFX with pixel art.

    Guess I liked the aesthetics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KFPE View Post
    It's just the most badass class tbh.
    Best looking tmogs, pets, fel - what's not to like?

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    what's the second?
    Feral. I've been playing them both ever since :P.

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