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This. She just fought a thought of Sargereas, who can actually cut planets in half.

Jaina is maybe the most powerful mage right now on Azeroth and she calls Azshara the most powerful mage this world has ever seen. Sooooo, def. Azshara
But she still almost beat Sargeras at Karazhan, even without her Guardian abilities. People forget that most arcane mages on Azeroth are likely stronger than those elsewhere - Azeroth is the last titan, and even potentially stronger than Sargeras. He is a corrupted titan - but he does not have infinite power. He is not omniscient nor invulnerable. I doubt casually destroying hundreds of planets within minutes is something within his capabilities, or else the Legion would have been obsolete long ago. Perhaps even the naaru could possibly match him in power if they really tried to fight him. If Broxigar was able to wound Sargeras, perhaps the most powerful mages in existence could also harm or weaken him.