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    Can't get bananas?

    Since the charity pets are free, I decided to just claim them while I can.

    I was able to get daisy, but bananas doesnt appear in my pet list. Shop says I have it, but it wont appear in game. What to do?

    Also...If there is already a thread about these pets, I missed it.

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    Got the same issue. GM solved it afterwards. He send me the Bananas Item with ingame mail. So create a ticket ingame

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    Ditto, I see nothing. Guess I’ll report too, enough reports should have them look at it.

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    Check your pet screen (collections tab) - got an unopened gift? May have bugged out if there were two unopened. Addons bugger this up a bit.

    Seems a common issue though, raise a ticket if you've checked the obvious places (bags, mailbox, alts) and it'll get resolved.

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    Not even sure where I can open a ticket for it. I tried to look trough the entire support page, but I was not able to find a way to send a ticket. Damn... each time I look there for it, its more and more difficult.

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    Daisy doesn't even exist in my uncollected pet list and can't get Bananas either.

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    It was bugged for me until I reached out to blizzard for them to manually fix this issue ;w;

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    Ok apparently you can't claim them from inside the game, you need to be in the Battle.net webshop.

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    How long I need to wait after I will open ingame ticket?

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    i had the same issue with daisy, i claimed it it wasn't there relogged and reloaded still not there i came back the next day and it was listed under my unobtained pets tab, so make sure you have that option ticked, if its still not there just make a ticket now

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