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    How would you spend your last day on earth?

    Even though this thought came to me while watching a movie, I thought this was more of a G-OT question than a film question.

    Watching this movie on Amazon Prime called These Final Hours and it got me to thinking, if the end of the world was imminent because an asteroid hit the earth and no way of escaping what so ever, how would you spend your last 12 hours? Would it be filled with sex, drugs, booze, prayer, awaiting the end with loved ones, killing people, commiting crime, beating people up, or would you just end it all early?

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    Farming anima.

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    With my loved one
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    Spending time with my kids and my husband. They’re what’s most important to me in life.
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    flying the exodar...into the sun.
    probably dying alone.
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    Who knows, how long a window are you given... at that moment;

    Else stay with family and loved ones including my dogs.

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    Probably as a virgin.....

    Honest answer: I'd go up to Brasstown Bald in north Georgia and just enjoy the view.

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    I would spend it with the people closest to me.

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    Probably living my life as usual since knowing it’ll be my last day is essentially impossible.

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    We had a similar thread a year ago and my answer is the same:

    I don't believe in a no-win scenario. We would work on stopping the asteroid or building a bunker with supplies to restart civilization after the calamity.
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    First half would be spent having as many orgasms as possible.
    Now you think that has to do with sex right?

    Wrong! Chocolate Orgasm. Lobster Orgasm. Best Foot massage that money can buy. Quitting my job Orgasm. Telling off all those people Orgasm.

    Second half with daughter and Ex. Make them be super amazingly nice to me so they can get my passwords to my investment and bank accounts
    Buh Byeeeeeeeeeeee !!

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    I’ll be pushing the button, then watching a perfectly crafted plan take effect.

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    Spend time with loves ones or if I was alone I would get wrecked on edibles .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Templar 331 View Post
    Probably as a virgin.....

    Honest answer: I'd go up to Brasstown Bald in north Georgia and just enjoy the view.
    Yeah, if it was "asteroid strikes, and then you die shortly afterward" - I would probably gather up the family and find some nice spot in Alaska to watch it come down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustedsaint View Post
    Spend time with loves ones or if I was alone I would get wrecked on edibles .
    Why not both?

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    I pick would up my favorite towel and then start waving my sub-etha sens-o-matic around like a crazy lady in the hopes of hitch hiking a ride on a passing Vogon space ship. All the while hoping that they wouldn't invite me to a poetry recital.

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    Together with the loved one, with all that entails, preferably somewhere away from cities.
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    I'd drink until passing out.

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    Get absolutely high as fuck.

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    Made in Philly, living in Akron.
    Get ripped to outer space on boilermakers with family and friends. Might even get lucky with the lady friend.
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    Probably equally split between time with my kids and time with my husband. I want to do/be with the people that make life enjoyable.
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