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    If Shadowlands ends up with having only the four original covenants then it will be sad. "Infinite afterlives" my ass.
    Do you mean more zones? Because there can't be more Covenants, there aren't anymore Eternal Ones.
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    Alleria's whispers start climaxing

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    I honestly really like the Maw but it seems like a lot of the community does not?

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    I guess I agree with that. I'm not necessarily against reusing zones if they do a spectacular job with that content, although I'd strongly prefer new stuff anyway. Given how the N'zoth stuff went, and the fact that this is covid Blizzard, I'm not holding my breath.

    Patches 8.2 and 7.3 should be the models here. Nazjatar-like zone for X.2 and something like the Argus zones for X.3. Those patches were awesome.
    big agree! i loved nazjatar and argus. i know nazj is hit or miss w people, and im partially biased bc it was azshara so i was going to love it, but the content still worked because of how HUGE the zone felt. argus worked because of the three different styles of zone, and still felt gigantic. the n'zoth zones were...such a fart in the wind.
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    Once Zovaal regains his sigil from the Arbiter he will open the gate to other dimensions/plane of Shadowlands. One of which is Twisting Nether where Nathria is and last but not the least is Nya'lotha.
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