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    I've never had issue with it and they've been in my signature for at least... two years now?
    Yes, but I've found it polite not to correct errors in signatures such as yours. Signatures of where I expect people to spout all sorts of nonsense free of repercussion.

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    I think you are suppose to contact the mod and not make a public display of it. Probably a root for a good many things.

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    Well, i don't know the whole situation, but in a vacuum, yes you are totally right.

    Many people in this website don't actually know the meaning of the words they use and it does tend to delve into frustrating discussions.
    I do recall having to explain to someone what cheating means and having to go as far as to explain and share links to the definitions of unfair advantage.
    It was vexing and if moderation says it is against the rules there is literally no point in talking about anything cause people will just make up the meaning they want for words. Impossible to find common ground like that.

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    Posting dictionary definitions is not inherently forbidden. If you see one infracted, it was likely based on some other context that made the post against the rules. If intent behind the definition being posted to be rude or insulting rather than to be sincerely helpful, that is a good indicator that it might fall outside the rules on some capacity.

    If an individual want to appeal an infraction, the correct course of action is to PM a mod.

    Since this thread is complaining about moderation, I'm locking it now. Public discussion of moderation is not allowed.

    for moderation questions/concerns, please contact a global:

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