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    It annoys me that blizzard hasnt responded to their own tbc leak yet.

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    Blizzard going "LOOK, HERE`S A NIGHT ELF PALADIN" in legion then not giving us that class race combo......

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    A lot of different music is very annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scifix View Post
    Blizzard going "LOOK, HERE`S A NIGHT ELF PALADIN" in legion then not giving us that class race combo......
    Seriously. They could even add it as a really simple but really cool expansion feature like allied races were, but even less work. Just a simple quest at the end of a rep grind that's already there, to unlock the combination. And nobody could whine about unlikely but physically possible race class combinations again, because it would cement the idea that theyre rare.

    Undead Paladins plz.

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    Random dismounts when flying. Happens way more often than it should.

    The flight whistle not working everywhere.

    Only certain classes getting a teleport to their class hall.

    The removal of portals from cities like Dalaran.

    Character names should've been tied to Battle tag a long time ago like they're planning for D2: Resurrected.

    50 character slots is no longer enough for us altoholics with all the new races they've added. :P Speaking of which, character selection could be vastly improved. I hate having to switch servers to access a character that's on a connected server.
    "People with depression score higher on tests of realism. Intelligence is positively correlated with mental illness and suicide. What this indicates is that if the mind understands too much about reality, it wants to destroy itself. Human life is existential horror."

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    - Humans.
    I RP a human IRL. There is nothing special or exciting about it. Kinda the opposite. Why would I choose to play as one in a game with dragons and mooo-men and mooo-women and dwarves?

    - Night Fae pixies.
    All of them. But Mistcaller especially.

    - Old content nobody will ever again have the time to explore.
    You have all this content and a new/returning player will never have the time to even dip into old expansion quests, exploration, gear, collectibles, because the current expansion leaves no time for it. Makes things like separating profession progress into expansion segments feel like it wasn't a choice but strictly necessary.
    (I mean I sorta completed 'most everything there was way back when, between 3.2 and 4.3 but there was only really 3 expansions-worth of content and I was playing 80+ hours a week which even when feasable is hardly healthy.)

    - Scaling mobs.
    I'm a hero of the [whichever faction], multiple times over, you filthy parrot! You were my equal as long as thirty levels ago! How dare you stand in my way, daze me on my mount, inconvenience me in any way?!?!?!!!!!! You should be dead by my stern gaze alone!!!

    - Secondary resources. (Runes, soul shards, holy power, etc.)

    - Opening a rare container or a weekly reward and getting only greys.

    - Weapon transmog limitations.
    I get that 2h/1h should be different. But why can't my sword look like a mace? Why can't my mace look like an axe? What would that break?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lane View Post
    The flight whistle not working everywhere.
    Very much, yes.
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    Alt+V (@ mark on hungarian keyboard) at the login screen also does a Ctrl+V which is fucking annoying. Has been continously bugged since vanilla. There, a tiny but annyoing thing

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    “You have collected this appearance, but not from this item.”
    Me not that kind of Orc!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylar Hao View Post
    The tiny things that annoys me: gnomes.
    Never heard of anyone annoyed by snacks.

    I mean, don´t you just eat them when you see them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceall View Post
    That there's people that think massively MULTIPLAYER online rpgs (like wow) should have their focus on single player elements and that those exact people think that encouraging (in their words "forcing") group content is bad.
    There are also the people that misuse "MULTIPLAYER" and clalim that means group only content and solo content should never be in the game.

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    Gnomes.... kek

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    That NPC's in-game refer to me as "they" instead of "him" or "her".

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