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    Quote Originally Posted by Glorious Leader View Post
    Their are no mandatory grinds and moving away from what you consider mandatory is basically why people have left shadowlands in droves.
    I'm sure it's the lack of mandatory grinds that makes people quit the game, not the 7-9 months of no new content...

    let old content be old content. This idea to turn a raid into a dungeon so that it stays relevant can only come from someone who isn't actively raiding every week. Because after half a year of Nathria the last thing an active raider wants is to keep going into Nathria.

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    At first I was like "hell no"
    And then I was like "wait, this actually might be a good idea".
    I like it!

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    Yep this is a great idea.

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    Sure the raid can be cut into dungeon sized wings to run, and sure with enough reduction in mechanic numbers to lower lethality even LFR is a doable activity.

    Some things to note: 10m is harder to carry than a 5m by one person.

    The reward scaling of the + system going to more things like LFR and even Raiding in general would potentially introduce endless expac longevity to content. Potentially can be worked into Timewalking in the future, even. M+ raiding, M+ TWing, M+ Invasions, M+ Scenarios, M+ Islands, M+ Warfronts, M+ Torghast, M+ Mage Tower, M+ anything -- sky's the limit on group content options, why not.

    Smaller group content is presumably easier to balance, or at least it was told to us that way before, so maybe they'd be more incentivized to go 5m variants with it.

    10m is also harder to organize, in terms of pugging and recruiting. Raids are so large and with the increase in people and time to organize it would surely result in less raid-dungeons being cleared, and thus less a available to PuG at any given time.

    People dropping group in M+ 10m Raids would be less impactful to a group compared to a M+ 5m dungeon, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    Personally, no thanks on a raid being made into a dungeon a patch later. I personally don't like the drive to make everything stay relevant forever. I like novelty. I beat Nathria, I'm done with it now, I want to move on to new things.

    Wait till you see M+ mode

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    First they ask for it to be turned into 10 man, then they ask for it to have the same ilvl loot as sanctum mythic, ya no.

    10 man has no business being even.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shedaar View Post
    At first I was like "hell no"
    And then I was like "wait, this actually might be a good idea".
    I like it!
    That's exactly how i thought about it.

    That said: THE RAID SHOULDN'T BE REMOVED! Instead just add a mode for it so that raids who want to do progression there on mythic still can do it like before. Removing content is always bad, always!

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