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    Talbadar's Stratagem still BiS after 9.1?

    So. Shadow's BiS's leggos will be slightly nerfed. I'm a pretty new SPriest, being my 3rd alt, so I'm still in the process of gearing it and haven't crafted my 1st leggo yet. I enjoy single target better over AoE, so Talbadar was in my plans before knowing of the nerf. Do you guys see any scenario where it will not keep being the best choice for ST? It's just 5% on Mind Blast anyway... We still haven't seen the new 9.1 leggos have we?

    Talbadar's Stratagem While you have Shadow Word: Pain, Devouring Plague, and Vampiric Touch active on the same target, your Mind Blast deals 60% more damage. [ 55% more damage ].

    Shadowflame Prism (Shadow) Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Death cause your Mindbender to teleport behind your target, slashing up to 5 nearby enemies for 99.5% [ 84% of Spell Power ] Shadowflame damage.

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    As you said, we haven't seen any of the new Priest 9.1 leggos yet so Talby's and Prism might both be outshined by something else. As of right now though, it seems like Prism will be the better option. We have to keep in mind that in 9.1 we're getting a third potency conduit as well which does make an impact between these two choices. Right now we use Haunting Apparitions and Dissonant Echoes and that won't change in 9.1 (pending any nerfs/buffs), which means our third choice will be between Mind Devourer and Rabid Shadows.

    Mind Devourer was nerfed indirectly due to DP getting nerfed and Talby getting nerfed at the same time, making this conduit much worse off than before and thus hurting Talby's value. And yes, while Prism was also nerfed, we have to remember it offers more than direct damage from Mindbender in it's increased insanity generation due to having a higher uptime with Prism, and using Prism means Rabid Shadow will be the go-to 3rd potency conduit as well further increasing Mindbender's value.

    On paper, it seems that Prism will be overall the way to go. Obviously we won't know for sure until tuning is complete and we see our other leggo options.

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    It seems that prism will remain top choice for NF, and NF will most likely remain the top dps choice. That is, if patch launches in current state, which it will not. At the very least we are getting covenant specific legendries, maybe even more class changes.

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    About a month out from the patch and SFP/Fae still remaining significantly better than anything else

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