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    Havent played D3 in ages. Trying it again this season. Looks like Diablofan is dead. Is there a Discord for D3 that someone can point me to for builds and such. Specially for Necromancer.

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    On the side panel on the right (on a browser and not the app) you'll find 15 different builds for various sets and types of content

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    Everything has pretty much gone into nowdays.

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    Diablofans still gets some updates. But most is just builds now and links to the main streamers plus changes and sets updates. Almost not chatter on the forums though.

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    Top hit D3 and go to the class you want, he plays every single day on twitch, and is pretty much the only streamer who does D3 24-7.

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    Icy Veins has D3 build and is updated regularly. is also a great resource for D3 speed leveling and various builds

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