The Gold 2 Gang is a semi-hardcore UK based guild formed this patch, currently recruiting players to add to our mythic roster for Shadowlands.

About us:

We started as a group of GMT based friends looking to raid in an enjoyable environment while still progressing at the highest level. Our goal is to achieve CE throughout Shadowlands, while still being able to have a laugh and not take ourselves too seriously.

We now have a very active guild, with members regularly participating in many activities throughout the game, and coming together to play other games such as APRGs & FPS together outside of raids.

If you’re an adult with a good sense of humour, you’ll fit in well. We regularly use our discord whether it be for mythic+, raiding, or just general shenanigans. It’s important for us to strike the fine line between keeping a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, while still achieving progression at a quick pace.

Raid Schedule

We have a 2 day a week schedule, with an additional optional day for alt runs / re-clears of heroic if the group is available.

Thursday 8pm-11.30pm ST
Sunday 8pm - 11.30pm ST
(Optional) Monday 8pm-11.30pm ST

What We’re Looking For

We’re currently looking to add to our Mythic roster with a few specific classes. We’ll consider applications from all exceptional players, however please see current priority vacancies below:

Tanks: Not priority

Healers: Exceptional Healers of any class

RDPS: All classes considered

MDPS: Unholy DK, H Demon Hunter, other classes considered

If you have any questions or want to chat about us, please get in touch with an officer below.

Whisper / Bnet
Kelfie / Kelfie#2504
Klaani / Heretic#2645
Yodatom / Yodatom#2382