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    Quote Originally Posted by Toppy View Post
    Warcraft rarely world builds. The history of the universe IS the history of the heroes for this reason.
    Yes, but for example suddenly the Revenge of the Kaldorei is not tied to a fight of Maiev, Tyrande, Malfurion and Shandris against the Horde. But to the power of Elune, but the power of Elune is not clear and is increasingly disappointing.

    So what had to have been fixed with some maps of Elves slaying orcs. Suddenly it's a cosmic war between the Jailer and Elune or something like that.

    They returned the history of the universe the history of their characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zellas View Post
    Do you honestly attempt to question the lore which was subsequently violated on multiple occasions by its own creators?
    Do you honestly attempt to apply logic here?
    This is Billzord. They stopped trying in 2010.
    they never tried,it was one big ripp off after another,its all from tolkin,including your precious arthas shity excuse of a story

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    its partly understandable

    18 years ago

    -interviewer 'in 16 years, when the game is still going how do think the lore will change'

    -some writer and game dev '' *heads explodes* ''
    mmo arent supposed to last this long, most dont, besides wow, and nearly STO and SWTOR


    The wat blizzard has gone about furthering and exploring and redefining and refining said lore and canon

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    wE doNt kNoW wHat PlAyeRs wAnT FoR CHarACteR CrEaTioN MOdelS

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceVega View Post
    I am still confused how Draka can act like Draka if there are infinte Drakas all merged into one. How do the souls handle the memories?


    Thanks and PLEASE don't make this thread into a "blizz can't tell stories"-thread. We have enough of those^^
    Sorry, but your last line is sort of the problem. Blizzard has written themselves into a corner as you cannot have a single individual who represents an infinite set of variations for that individual. Unless Blizzard is saying that the Warcraft Universe is so restricted in its possibilities that Draka is Draka because she is Draka (i.e.: a character is the way they are, therefore they are that way; their nature is inherent and unchanging), there is no way for her to be the Draka that we have some knowledge of. For example, we understand that she is Thrall's mother, but there would be an infinite set of universes in which she is not Thralls mother, so her recognizing Thrall as her son (on the PTR) is inherently contradictory to the idea that she is all Drakas. Blizzard is either being very uncreative or is saying that the nature of characters do not change throughout all variations of the Warcraft multiverse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akibaboy View Post
    But they did in Chronicle just fine. Branch realities and branch timelines splinter off the main one and subsequently wither and die, ceasing to have ever existed. The only reason WoD hasn't imploded is because the of Kairoz' efforts to gather energy and sustain it as a viable branch reality.
    And the Legion transcends reality. And no other timelines killed anyone important. And all timelines are relatively the same.

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    I mean, the fact that danuser admitted that "we had no plans for muezhala/denathrius, but omg ppl loved the voice so much so we kept them around" shows that they barely have a plan for the current story they are going through. Seems like they just write stuff as they go and if something doesn't fit or plothole = retcon/change or make up something even if it makes no sense

    and ya, the entire thing around alternate timelines in warcraft makes zero sense. I'm sure danuser thought his "knots on rope" idea sounded cool and would work, but nah it doesn't.

    now to be fair, alt universes and timelines are always tricky/messy in any sort of story, but at least writers try in some of those. Danuser and his team didn't.. but then again, they aren't even good enough writers to make a good attempt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceVega View Post
    I am still confused how Draka can act like Draka if there are infinte Drakas all merged into one. How do the souls handle the memories?
    This must be hella confusing.
    I tend to ignore it as well as I have no idea how you could make that work.
    I mean, infinite realities mean infinite possibilities. Having one "bottleneck" being the "One shadowlands for all realities" cannot possibly work.
    That would mean that we should have somewhere a billion of Arthas who didn't become the Lich King. Another billion Uther who subsequently weren't killed by Frostmourne. On the other hand, we also probably have a good chunk of Azerothians who died every time a world-ending event happened, because it's not realistic to believe we defeated Deathwing, or the Lich King in all of them.

    And there are also stupid alternate realities that should have occurred. Like Jaina becoming the Lich King. Or Baine becoming King of Stormwind. Or Thrall going full Garrosh. Yet none of that is reflected in the "unique" Shadowlands, as if only one reality matters.

    The game is clearly written with "one reality, one shadowlands" in mind. I really don't think this concept ever needs to be implemented anywhere, it's just as awful as the One Legion thing.
    (by the way, if "One Legion / One Shadowlands", one has to believe we also have "One Void" or "One Order" realm, which don't make lots of sense either).

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    Bad writers cant make complex stories work.

    Blizz should stick to basic fantasy without time travel and multiple dimensions.
    Daloser and his crew are not up to the task.

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    I think it's established that once a soul appears in the Shadowlands, that that's the combination of all timelines' versions. Time is weird in the Shadowlands, maybe not applicable or separate from it.

    And while Anima is all memory, bodies were only meant to process and hold some hundreds of years' worth of memory (well, humans anyway).

    With this in mind, here's my interpretation. That, insofar as other souls go I think the greater conciousness can pull on threads to activate a soul thread with the given knowledge and act like that version when it's pertinent. Otherwise, the median or average soul thread or maybe most powerful or dominant one will be active by default.

    It wouldn't surprise me that by the souls being judged by the Arbiter, that they're ordered in terms of dominant soul or average soul or even most powerful - if that serves The Purpose.

    But any way I think some thread has to be dominant or they'd all be all sorts of personalities and overwhelmed all the time. So, while only one appears active and may be active the information or memories is still in there somewhere.

    Kind of like how The Runecarver could have his memories taken.

    It'd kinda suck if the Arbiter was taking everyone's other memories or something.
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