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    Quote Originally Posted by Rootsbum View Post
    I feel like SL is "Gimmickless" except Thorgast, and it didnt AS exciting as other expansions at launch.
    Covenants feel like talents with extra steps.
    Conduits feels like Heart of azeroth
    No new race
    No new class

    I feel that skipping new race/class was like "hey, lets not have a christmastree and presents this year"
    What do you literally need more class/races for? you have a ton and I think they´d better fix some of the existing classes before adding more wood to the fire.

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    Expansions like TBC and Wrath? Of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryFromHumanResources View Post
    You know, if I wanted to remove cosmetics, transmogs and mounts to collect I probably would've mentioned it in the list.

    I'm on about temporary systems and ways of progressions that don't involve traditional gear drops.

    But sure, extrapolate however you want.
    Fair enough. Mounts to collect were always in the game, transmog (and even pet battles) were added later - so I think it is at least worth asking or mentioning if they count as a gimmick.

    Talking about "temporary systems and ways of progressions that don't involve traditional gear drops" - I need to ask if that also would mean you will remove catchup gear, batch gear, upgradeable gear, reforging and titanforging (obviously the latter two are gone already). Yeah maybe a matter of "if I wanted to remove xyz I probably would've mentioned it in the list." - but there is so much in the game by now that people like, it wouldn't hurt to really define what is a gimmick and what not.

    I am one of the ppl who believes that if WoW would have never "innovated" or added stuff, people would have left the game much earlier. At the very least we would get endless complaints about how everything is the same old, same old, Blizzard doesn't care to add new stuff etc etc.

    In short - sounds like Vanilla WoW for the most part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryFromHumanResources View Post

    What if an expansion released with this promise:
    New battlegrounds
    New dungeons
    New arenas
    New raids
    New continent+leveling experience

    Would that satisfy you? If an expansion focused on the "core playlists", as Destiny players would call it, of WoW? Focused on making them good and plentiful.
    Why would anyone need anything more than that? All these "complex" systems only server to timegate and stretch progression for as much as possible. In the end, what people want is more dungeons, more raids and more battlegrounds. The game was fine before all these borrowed powers and timegating. No matter how little content we have since as long as it is fun people will repeat it indefinitely as was the case before.

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    Yes and no. I think when you say gimmick you also mean casual content like islands and warfronts.
    I would love if they would drop to put those "systems" that are basically just another thing to Google but keep adding content for casuals. Either put back tier sets to lfr so I could do this or put improved forms of islands, warfronts or the best was the mage tower. Torghast is too bland and has not enough rewards. But I can totally live with my talent tree and my spells. I don't need those "ohhh look this is totally not another talent tree or glyph systems"
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    Sounds dull to me. Reason why I look forward to sequels is the game building upon itself. If the next game would just be "more of the same" it's kinda meh. I rather have games take risks and fall than safe and boring.

    People complained that blizzard often do systems and then forget it. Which I think they are rectifying with Torghast by the sounds of it. They aren't giving up on it and building upon it, hopefully that leads to something great. It was already fun until it got nerfed into oblivion.

    What happens when devs just cut out a feature due to whining you are just left with nothing instead or a disjointed awful quick fix due to time.
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    Honestly, I would give a lot to return to form with what you describe. A lot of gimmicks are never passed on to the next expac, which makes them feel pointless when you have played for 16 years. But others do evolve, but not always for the better.

    Just to be clear, I consider something a gimmick if it was being used a selling point for the expansion so stuff that came later in the expansion doesn't count.

    At least some systems were adapted and used later:
    Dailies -> World Quests
    Farm -> Garrisons(which crashed and burned)
    Scenarios -> now standard for story questing
    Artefacts -> the goddamn necklace
    Challenge mode -> M+

    But some gimmicks stuck permanently like:
    Pet battles
    Brawlers Guild(not sure if this was announced at launch or not)
    Timewalking(not sure if this was announced at launch or not)

    And the ones that failed:
    Apexis dailies
    Legiondaries(the loot system)
    Island Expeditions
    Azerite gear
    Azerite necklace

    But if we consider current gimmick systems that has been core and no added new ones with what OP mentions then yes, I would like that. More zones to explore, more quests, more raids, new BGs, more work on previously added systems. I would like that very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cparle87 View Post
    I've pointed it out several times. If every mmo-champs poster were to sign a petition all agreeing on one thing, an impossible thing I know, it would only be a drop in the bucket of the playerbase. Every time I see a poster claim to speak for the playerbase, or claim that "millions of people quit because of this" or "there's hardly anyone left playing" I just roll my eyes and move on.

    - - - Updated - - -

    So you want them to remove content to do in the zones, only to give us content to do in the zones wrapped in a different package in a different name that's not offensive to you?
    Offensive? xD

    People have been complaining about systems for 3 expansions in a row. They love everything BUT the systems. You wouldn't be replacing systems with more systems. The gift is completely different not the bloody wrapping lol.

    People on this forum are losing more brain cells by the minute.

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    Considering my favourite expansion was MoP and the only real "gimmicks" at launch were scenarios, the neutral pandaren race and the monk class, I'd say yes. I neither created a pandaren nor played a monk for all of MoP, so new features aren't really what's drawing me to the game.

    New content with the exact same features would do just fine for me if the content is as interesting and fun as MoP. Heck, even the daily quest overload of MoP never really bothered me as much as most people.

    That said, the garrison in WoD was very fun for the first 2 months until you realized there was nothing to do outside of the garrison, raiding or pvp. Legion was also an amazing experience with the Artifacts and would've been a very different experience without them, but the artifact system is somewhat outplayed now and I could do without another borrowed power for the next expansion.
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    Yes i hate those sneaky account thieves that come to my house and steal my computer in order to steal some wow money! Those bastards! *shakes fist*

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    Ye i would, but i would heavily prefer it if a lot of focus was given to making good, engaging specc rotations and design. MoP was like that and it was pretty damn glorious.

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    For me it doesn't matter if they add gimmick or not.
    I've lost my interest in the game a piece every expansion when they force me to change my spell rotation....
    I mean, gameplay is the core of the game, how u cast, how u move, and for each of us there was a point in time where we found our perfect playstyle
    For me was hunter sv during cata/pandaria or resto shaman in bfa, monk bm now....
    And maybe even a tier set bonus or trinket or a weapon effect or a talent make that gameplay super fun and perfect.
    Then every new expansion we lose our perfect gameplay and are forced to play in a new way. Sometimes yes is good, other we fell lost, we fell different
    So if in the future they will ad some sort of gameplay selection, like a menu where we can choose between playstyle of the past i will play even if they add peppa pig as new villain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sondrelk View Post
    M+ is almost literally the MoP challenge mode dungeon gimmick version 2.0. Gimmicks are how Blizzard experiments, and while it often fails even those are important for finding solutions that do work.
    The real problem is they abandon the systems that do work. or evolve them in nonsensical ways i.e Legion Artifact weapons evolved into Azerite traits and HoA... wut?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuze View Post
    The real problem is they abandon the systems that do work. or evolve them in nonsensical ways i.e Legion Artifact weapons evolved into Azerite traits and HoA... wut?
    Yes, this is my main complaint about the systems as well. Sometimes their evolution is a downgrade into inferior gutted versions of themselves.

    Like how can the HoA even compare to the dozens of unique artifact appearances of Legion?

    Heck, do you remember the cape from MoP with their unique special effect? Everyone does. Now do you remember the ring from WoD? No? Most don't since the effect was lackluster and the on use effect was reduced to your raid leader using theirs on a specific moment and that was it.

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    Oh please, that would be great. Get rid of all these crap that didn't exist in the first few expansions. It's an MMO so it should focus on group content and not dumbass chores you are meant to do solo ad nauseum and then repeat the whole shitshow on all your alts as well.

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    No, because everything else wrong with the game would still be wrong, but it is a step in the right direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by owbu View Post
    I played an expansion about going back in time/to another dimeonsion to defeat a bunch of dead orcs in an area I had already played an expansion in and it's main gimmick was facebook games. I think it's safe to say that my standards are impossibly low and I will play whatever Blizzard comes up with.
    Nothing wrong with that as long as you don't pretend otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StillMcfuu View Post
    No. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to, but the classes aren't really functional without fluff systems to fill them out. It would be a terrible expansion to play.
    So you mean all classes were dysfunctional until something like Legion when they started adding in the fluff systems?

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    Yes. All I need is interesting specs, good raids and ideally good dungeons. The rest is whatever. The gimmicks have more often than not been bad, so avoiding those would be cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryFromHumanResources View Post
    Let me preface this post by saying that, yes, we'd probably all play good expansions, gimmicks or not.

    But what I'm curious about with this post stems from my own belief that I'd quite honestly prefer an expansion without all the "fluff".

    That is to say one without garrisons, artifact weapons, order halls, azerite armor, island expeditions, warfronts, corruptions, covenants, torghast all the new "systems".

    What if an expansion released with this promise:
    New battlegrounds
    New dungeons
    New arenas
    New raids
    New continent+leveling experience

    Would that satisfy you? If an expansion focused on the "core playlists", as Destiny players would call it, of WoW? Focused on making them good and plentiful.

    Would you be happy or are those pieces of content so dated that you need innovation?

    Edit: I'm not saying that less time would be spent on the expansion, or less budget allocated. Only that everything that goes into a system like Torghast was tossed into "conventional" aspects of the game instead.

    Edit 2: Also I'm very aware of the fact that at some point in time even crucial features like achievements and flying mounts were gimmicks. However I feel like I'm being fair when I make the claim that some "gimmicks" have become core parts of the game, I'm asking whether you'd like to see more of those core parts.
    I would probably come back to the game for an expansion like this, but with one additional important caveat:

    Improved story writing: no more didney worl level writing with childish/needless drama that has been so prominent in the past few xpacs. Although the stakes are only getting higher (from saving a continent to the world, then the universe and then even death itself) it doesn't do anything for a quality of the story.

    Some players like the power fantasy of being the big badass, but at the end we're mostly running around doing wq's for nobodies collecting 10 bearasses or picking 20 apples for them. I'd also like to see wq's die in a fire and a return to dailies. Away with this FOMO shit and let me choose in which faction I'd like the spend some time on each day.

    This dichotomy is something I truly dislike, and the story is only becoming needlessly more convoluted while loosing the last semblances of what made it interesting in the first place.

    Going back to basics might not be such a bad thing for wow. Maybe blizz pulls off a decent/heavy timeskip after SL, were we end up becoming nameless adventurers again, from a bygone era.
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    yes, take out the artifact grind (anima now)

    get rid of conduits and legendaries

    get rid of pvp talents and make those skills baseline

    Torghast is choreghast

    Focus on classes as a whole again instead of individual specs. Focus on making the specs fun to play instead of everything being resource management.

    This is why retail can't keep its playerbase alive for more than a few months after every patch. It's quite sad when you have a significant playerbase actually looking forward to playing TBC rather than retail lmfao

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    If the raids and dungeons are good sure.

    Thats ultimately all I care about in World of Warcraft, which is why I have kept playing through every single expansion, because I've never been let down by the dungeon and raids in any of wows expansions, sure a few duds here and there, but never to the point where I didn't want to play the game anymore.

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