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I mean... unless they have the skill, their "better" partner will notice something is very wrong. Gear lasts one tier. Cosmetics as i say there are so many that it doesn't matter. So, if you aren't having the fun of achieving it, i don't see the point.
Yeah agreed on skill things though in rbg pugs it's very hard to tell good player from bad one unless you play more than one session together.

Cosmetics might not matter to you but for a lot of people they are very important (the only reason I personally care about ratings in PvP is to get elite mog sets for example).

Gear lasts one tier, but it's very cheap for what essentially is 226 ilvl in every slot. There is a warrior (3300 xp)on my realm who boosts healers in 2v2 to duelist for 600k. That's pretty cheap considering one BoE 226ilvl piece on AH is around 300k?