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    Quote Originally Posted by aceperson View Post
    no, i don't. i love wow and want to play wow. but current wow is crap and not worth my money. everything seems in order. a person not using a service they deem subpar but giving direct feedback that they want to use it again when it is worth it.
    But you didn't give direct feedback. You harassed a person into responding to you by spamming his email daily.
    That is not normal behavior. That is obsessive and pretty stalker. Normal people who dislike a game do not do that. They stop playing, unsubscribe, and maybe write a comment in the feedback section of the unsubscribe page.
    You flooded a person email demanding another person lose their position just because you don't like the direction a game you don't even play is going.
    That is not normal behavior.
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    Given the inability to substantiate the claims and the sheer volume of bad and/or derailing behavior, it's safe to say this thread has reached its terminus. Closing.
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