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    I did enjoy the weapon quests and mage tower

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    you guys are cancel culture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naiattavain View Post
    you guys are cancel culture.
    What does that even mean...? Not the "cancel culture" term itself, but rather MMOC posters being cancel culture
    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    As for the "hone your skills" argument that some are tossing around, fuck that. Most people want to have fun. They're not logging onto WoW, the video game, as a self-improvement project. That's a ridiculous notion and goes right along with the idea that the game is "work." If it's not 'play' then you're doing it wrong. Sadly this is a concept that the devs seem to have lost sight of in their quest to keep anyone and everyone busy.

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    I kinda miss it. I miss the Artifacts and getting Artifact skins. Sure you can get them now but there are some you can't anymore (Mage Tower ones.) Legion was a fun expansion.

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    I understand people who like to min/max criticisms about legendaries and AP, but as someone that didn't try hard who just went with the flow and did what I felt like, it was fun.

    I miss:

    Mage tower
    Chasing artifact appearances
    Old WQ system (shorter quests and more rewarding)
    Legendary questline
    Class quests and halls
    Better leveling
    Great transmog sets

    It's honestly their best expansion. It was overall as satisfying as WoW has ever been for me.
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    I do. It is on my top 3 list.
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    There were many thing about Legion which I enjoyed, and I do miss it dearly. That said - BfA wasn't that bad either imo

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    To me, Legion is the best expansion (overall)
    But thats a hard sell.

    WotLK, and TBC are also right there... Literally been waiting for TBC classic since i loved it. But with everything, Legion is better. No mismanagement of lore(though a few retcons), no villain saying i will get you next time, etc....

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    Quote Originally Posted by erifwodahs View Post
    My thoughts. BfA could have been way better tho if they had more time. Azerite armour was not tested at all. With another 4 months they could have pin-pointed a lot of stuff which happened in 8.0 and 8.1. Or maybe not. Corruption vendor was very obvious, but I can't see any other reason than purposely not implementing it or being incompetent.
    anything would be better with time, that isn't a BFA thing
    even wrath would been even better with more cooking, but they rushed it fear of warhammer
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    Yes, I do. Great expansion. I really miss Legion.

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    Legion was the same trashcan addon as bfa and shadowlands

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    Wrath and MOP were my favorites looking back. I did like Legion though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guldin View Post
    This was the first, for a very long time, that I have started reminiscing about a WoW Expansion.
    Honestly i greatly enjoyed many expansions, TBC, WotLK, hell even WoD (though admittedly i only joined that one in the final months before Legion hit) and of course Legion.
    The rest i have either nit played or played very little because i disliked it.

    Classic was so-so, cataclysm made me stop playing until the end of WoD, pandastan i missed entirely, BfA i played quite a bit but in spite of wanting to love it it had way too many flaws.

    Shadowlands i am still waiting for time to play it, but i expect that might take a while since i'm not overly drawn to it.
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