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    Blatantly false threads

    why does the mod team allow these threads to exist.


    this is obviously bullshit, the CEO of Blizzard does not just respond to random players who email him. the ONLY reason for that post was to stir up the community. why would you let something that is SO OBVIOUSLY FAKE just keep going. the thread is still open, the OP can still post. when will there be consequences for wilfully posting fake bullshit which only has the singular goal of stirring up the community

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    Report for trolling and move on

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    Mods are not your personal army. If you think something has no place here, report and move on.

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    I'm rather sure that you can't discuss moderation publicly on mmo-champion.

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    The mod team does not exist to determine what is true or false or accurate for other users. The team exists to make sure that discussion can happen, stays on topic, and is appropriate.

    If you think a post is false, debate it or ignore it. If you think a post violates the rules, please report it.

    for moderation questions/concerns, please contact a global:

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