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    [H - Hellfire] <code> 5/10 M nathria looking for dps

    Code is a two day raiding guild on Hellfire - EU 5/10

    Formed in 2020

    We’re looking for players who want to join our raid group, are 18+ and comfortable communicating in English. We’re a diverse guild with multiple nationalities. Many of us know each other well and have been playing together for quite a while, and we’ll try to make you feel at home quickly. Being on discord is mandatory during raids. You don’t have to talk but we need you to be able to listen to our raid leader.

    We’re looking for more Dps. Doesn’t matter what class you play. We’re very flexible, so just apply!

    We raid every wednesday and sunday from 20.30 til 23.00 server time

    We’re a very chill raid group but expect you to look up the fights and don’t mind to wipe on fights while we’re learning. We started clearing mythic very late as it took a while to gather 20 stable people. But now we ‘re aiming to get as far as possible before 9.1 and after.
    The guild provides consumables like flasks, foods and vantus runes.

    Contact me on discord for more information: Plus#8133 or whisper an officer in game (hellfire): Shamnastic, Zip, Capillary, Moose.
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