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    Unhappy The best Xmogs are not for you! Fact.

    I've been playing since Vanila and these are the best "xmogs" I've seen in all these years of WoW. But we have a problem ... they are not exactly "xmogs" (you cannot wear these armor, they are from Torghast's NPCs) and, knowing that they are incredibly cool, someone at Blizzard thought we would like to have this in our char .. so well ... then they let us "dress" them like a TOY with a time limit of 1 hour. (Serious?? I should say Thank you? Er ... no).
    I (again) get that feeling that everything that is really cool in the game ... players can't access it (remember that every Orc would like not to be humpbacked ... like Thrall ?? How long did it take to Blizzard understand this ??)
    I recently discovered that the shoulders of this armor will be available in cosmetic form in Torghast. It is already a good sign ...! But what about Helmet ?? And the rest of the xmog ??? Am I asking too much ???

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