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    Yo, I can't believe that they are putting out a new Mephisto statue for the D4 release!

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    It's always High Noon when Mr Mercer is around.

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    Sombra but no particular reason.

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    Call me edgy but I do enjoy reaper.

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    My favorite hero is definitely Reaper. He's cool and edgy, and he's easy enough to play for someone who sucks at FPS games!

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    Talking Overwatch king

    Hello! My husband (haha_collectibles) is known on Instagram as the overwatch king. He interacts with the voice actors and plays overwatch daily! He has pretty much every single collectible so adding this would be INCREDIBLE! Its impossible to find him stuff he doesn't have so this would probably be the best surprise ever.

    I personally am a mercy main, but Moira is a close second!

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    DEFINITELY junkrat! ... though I have loads of Bastion figurines around the house. Secretly. Don’t hate me.

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    Reaper all the way!!!

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    Have to go with Junkrat!

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    Favorite would be Reinhardt

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    It's a honestly really nice gesture; perhaps they might consider giveaways to Warcraft players as well, I'm not sure if those are very common.
    "Always you speak. Never do you listen! You ignore the lessons of Pandaria! You see, there is balance in all things. Wisdom etched in our very fur: Black and white. Darkness and light. When the last emperor hid our land from the rest of the world, he also preserved...our ancient enemy, the mantid. So it is with your Alliance and your Horde. They are not strong despite one another; they are strong BECAUSE of one another. You mistake your greatest strength for weakness. Do you see this?"

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    Just something satisfying about landing grenades on people.

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    Junkrat all the way.

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