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You are not getting ce unless you are getting carried with BM... hunter isn't a strong class later into the tier regardless but given how burst windows are massive this expansion and how your best conduit scales heavily with burst your in a weak position making yourself weaker.

It's just annoying when someone with six mythic boss kills who is never going to hit dps checks starts talking about balance is all.

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It might be alright in 9.1, 9.0 heavily not just preferred burst it requires it.

BM has the advantage of being a fully mobile spec while having better scaling them MM. While hunter isn't really in a good spot it's likely you will see bm too spec eventually.

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Depends on what you do in the game. I'm fine with you believing that if your progression dies at mid mythic raid tier or 2100rating.

If it doesn't liar,liar part it's on fire.

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Neither had much content to be honest. A quest chain each and arguably the class halls had it better there. Covenants offer a fill the bar weekly that isn't really more content just more repetition.
MM got carried to CE due to exploiting a bug that was removed from BM week 1.

Neither spec are good. Neither spec is better than the other.