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    Question about reputation meta

    The reputation meta requires you to be exalted with 100 factions but not on the same character. It’s unlike the mount meta because that requires you to be able to mount X mounts from one specific character limiting cross faction/covenant/profession mounts.

    In the classic race reps and more recently in BfA there are equal opposite reps for each faction. Do those count towards the meta 2x if you have horde and alliance toons or are they basically the same reps for counting purposes with their name changed for faction?

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    Where A/H have corresponding reputations, you only get credit for one even if both are exalted. Also FYI, if there is a faction where you have to choose one of two (Frenzyheart/Oracle or Aldor/Scryer), only one counts even if you have the opposite on an alt.

    -speaking from experience.

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