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    There's already a weakaura that automatically spits on a player riding that deluxe edition lizard. I was in SW yesterday and I saw 10+ people /spit on the same guy at the same time.

    Great success.

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    Well ... they are not allowing pve to pvp server transfer, so no, they are not greedy

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    Eh, tbn i believe such services should be included with the sub.

    Because, you know, premium or not, we already pay a pricy base game + x-packs and a monthly sub on top of that.... paying those aren't premium enough?

    People being ok with those is madness to me, but whatever. I never bought one of those services and i never will, and not because i lack the money. I just don't understand it and i would never vote with my wallet towards it.

    To each its own i guess, but people reacting against people not liking that as they are entitled... well, we have the right to be paying those quotas.

    Shits fucked up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cidic View Post
    A game that's not free as you have to have a sub to play #1. #2 they are charging for a collectors edition (if you chose) No one in their right mind was willing to pay $35 for a clone. Just like classic was "free" as long as you had a wow sub. Nothing is free get over that already cause that argument is long dead.
    You forgot to add the base game. Oh, and for us here since the start, we also paid every x-pack so long. And also, yeah, i laugh at people saying classic is "free" when i have here the box i once paid and the stupid amount of money i payed as a sub over the years.

    I never understood they charge so much for those services when, well, most of them (Like name change) should be something you should be allowed once in a time given, you know, that you pay to support that kind of operations monthly.

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