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    You guys probably think food should be free too. I mean, the cucumber cost a dollar, the owner of this supermarket earn a buck PER cucumber! It should be free!

    But its the same as services in games. They dont earn 15 bucks for each clone. Same as the supermarket owner dont earn the full buck. They all charge prices because for each cucumber he has to pay to get it in the shop, then salary to employees, then taxes etc. He ends up with maybe 5 cent profit for each cucumber.

    Same with in game services. Sure the actual transfer probably cost nothing! But to continue making games, they need money to cover salaries, equipment, taxes and so forth. It all goes into the big revenue pot.

    Its not a hard concept. Dont live in a cave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erifwodahs View Post
    Dude, are you being paid? I mean why in the world would you defend Blizz? You think they won't make profit? Why would defend a corporation if you don't care about the price? I mean shit like this is what allows apple to sell screen stands for 2k or whatever that was.
    It's like standing in the que to be beat up and just cheering at the thugs to beat the guy before you harder. You are next.
    Because the only thing i hate more than greedy companies are whiny brats that demand everything be free or ruin the state of the game to the point where the company is now greedy
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    Quote Originally Posted by zantheus1993 View Post
    they based it on the pricing of other optional services....what service cost $35
    A faction change is 30$ so that was likely there reference point.

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    China uses the tactic of giving people huge sentence first, and then they lower it just to look like they are benevolent. Lol.

    A bit crude, but looking at this thread response it seems to be doing its work well. First thought Brack would've been too new and unexperienced but he can apparently accurately read his costumers blind spots well. In fact, me pointing it out might actually work in his favor. Maybe I should invest indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xires View Post
    Their should be NO boosts in TBC.

    - - - Updated - - - SHOULD be free. It's a 15 year old game. No reason to charge for a character copy over from a 17 year old game to a 15 year old game that we've bought, paid for, and played before.
    It's a new service for re-released versions of the game.

    The authorities on the matter don't agree, as such it'll cost a fee same as other character services. You're entitled to your opinion, but that's all it is.
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    I honestly do not even understand why a clone is even an option. Why would you want to stay on Classic when everyone will be playing TBC?
    The only thing I can think of is Blizz doesn't want people to go back to private servers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohwell View Post
    I considered it until the items were revealed to be almost all exclusive to TBC classic other than the 1 mount.
    Is this true? I might play TBC then if it means rewards from classic are separated away. I don't want to feel less valued than somebody because I didn't play classic, but want to play tbc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlashingSilver View Post
    Is this true? I might play TBC then if it means rewards from classic are separated away. I don't want to feel less valued than somebody because I didn't play classic, but want to play tbc.
    Why would you want to play BC when everyone is playing retail ? same **** for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CerealLord View Post
    Why do you think you should get to keep a copy of your character and get another copy to move into the next part of the game for free?
    Because we already pay for the game.

    btw, BC is going to be a big ol' bust, you can just tell people will play for a bit this won't even be close to classic.
    Talk about a lot of work for a tiny tiny percentage of people that felt this should be brought back.
    What a joke Blizzard and WoW players are.

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    I think the wages for coding the choice for cloning and payment for it cost more than cloning each character to both... Same as the payment processor company will take more out of each $15 than the actual cloning will cost.

    Still need their revenues and whales will keep paying.

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