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    Can someone help me wrap my head around a WeakAura for 'Between The Eyes'

    I fully admit, I've no idea what I'm doing when it comes to WeakAura. My brain quickly turns to mush, trying to figure out some sort of trigger combination, so bear with me.

    I'm trying to have a notification icon for a lot of my Rogue abilities, including Between The Eyes. That means an icon that shows when it's on cooldown, when it's simply available (just the icon) and here comes the finicky part for me; show the duration of the debuff itself on the target.

    Basically want it to transition from a yellow text debuff countdown, into the remaining cooldown in white text. Then it just becomes a nightmare of which trigger takes precedence over the other, either always just showing cooldown and never the debuff or some other combination.

    Closest I've come is two different WeakAuras to (almost) create the effect

    1: "Active": Set it to Aura and Debuff on Target (always active), with spell Between the Eyes. That shows the debuff countdown on target and the empty icon until it hits the 30 second cooldown below.

    2: "CD": Spell function with Between the Eyes and a cooldown text, which shows up when cooldown is <= 30 seconds.

    I'd like to consolidate them and have the debuff timer, which is variable, transition into the cooldown straight away. So if I apply Between the Eyes with 1 combo point, it's just a few seconds, then cooldown should show up immediately after.

    If that explanation makes sense, is it me overlooking a simple setup, is it a matter of some custom code or what?


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    I am not sure how this particular thing works, but going by what you said you need 2 triggers:

    1. Cooldown trigger, to check if the ability is on cooldown or not. Set this to "Always show"
    2. Debuff trigger, to check if the "Between the eyes" debuff is on the target. (Again: I dont know how it works, if it's a buff YOU gain, set it to check for a buff on you)

    Set the activation to any of the triggers.
    Set the dynamic info to trigger 1 (I think)

    Now you can mess around in the "Conditions" tab,

    For instance, make the icon desaturate when Trigger 1 "On cooldown" is true.
    Or for instance, make the icon glow when the debuff/ buff is actually active by checking if Trigger 2 is active. (for glow to show up, make sure the checkbox Glow in "Display" tab is checked.

    You can add a text display to the icon to show the duration of the debuff by adding %2.p (assuming the debuff checker trigger is the 2nd trigger)

    Hope this helps a bit.
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    Did you try searching for it on wago.io?

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    ^^ Thundertom's explanation works (except dynamic info should be from first active trigger) but I plugged this into my Uberauras setup which may give you a better result

    I don't have a rogue, but I believe if you import these two auras you will have what you are looking for. Let me know!

    Uberauras Code

    The icon you want

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