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    New HD armor sets tied behind achievements for XYZ raid. Simple but makes collecting fun for folks.
    Quote Originally Posted by A Chozo View Post
    Humans Paladins don't have "a lot of lore" behind them.

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    One of their excuses for removing tier sets was that they struggled with new ideas for different takes on each class after 20+ tiers.

    The obvious answer is to redo some of the older tiers. Who wouldn’t want an updated, modern Judgement or Nemesis set?
    People received the ToS Tier 6 redo’s well; not sure why they wouldn’t take another swing at another set of older sets if they’re struggling so much to come up with new ideas.

    (I am keenly aware that excuse was just that: an excuse. Removing class sets let them get away with generating less gear per tier than ever before. There was literally only 4 armor sets for the last patch of BfA.)
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    People acting like it would be an easy task to implement a dye system, when they would have to re-do the textures for every single item in the game.

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    A new version. If it was a perfect world, a total replacement but we know how beast model updates went. I'd be scared they'd just tin-can suit all of the 'slut mogs' which need updates pretty badly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Villager720 View Post
    One of their excuses for removing tier sets was that they struggled with new ideas for different takes on each class after 20+ tiers.
    I don't see how that's possible unless their artists just have zero creativity. I've thought for a long time that Blizzard should periodically hold art contests where fans can design sets and the winners get created in game. Hell, at worst there's hundreds of other games out there to get inspiration. I just, I can't with that excuse. There are a dozen ways around it if they're really that tapped dry for ideas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rozz View Post
    A new version. If it was a perfect world, a total replacement but we know how beast model updates went. I'd be scared they'd just tin-can suit all of the 'slut mogs' which need updates pretty badly.
    Agreed. I don't understand Blizzard's aversion to skimpy armor but, because of it, I'd expect to see some under-layering on the old bikini armors that didn't used to have it. Frankly, I always thought the BE heritage armor for females looked like it was originally meant to be skimpier, but got colored in with black so it's full coverage.

    I also have endless frustration playing a clothie because literally every robe is like what I'd find in a "modesty" clothing catalog, long sleeves, high neck, ankle length. It's cloth, get creative, it's not meant to protect from hits!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantazma View Post
    My God. A thread about xmogs. As it is my favorite topic I have to be careful not to be warned by flood. hahah ..
    Ok lets go:

    I swear to God: If Blizzard put me in the role of Game Director now ... in less than 24 hours ALL of us would have a Dye System and you could paint your xmog the color you really like. My Rogue would FINALLY have something that is obvious and exists in every assassin class in any other MMOPRG: A 100% full-black xmog. Just citing an example ...

    But, ok ... it seems that I will never be Game Director of this game (I will have to continue selling milk here in the south of the globe for a longer time ..) and I know that (unfortunately) in WoW the colors of the sets represent our advance in the game.

    If we will probably never have a Dye System, then, in my most desperate opinion, we urgently need someone nice at Blizzard to give us dozens of re-colors of the Sets that already exist (at least the Class Sets).
    note: (Oh boy, I predict that dude here saying that this is impossible for Blizzard and recoloring so many Sets will take 100 years and 1 billion dollar blah blah blah ...).

    Playing with the graphics in the ultra-hard mode I was happy with the "texture" of what I see. Despite knowing that this is a 2004 engine and with a cartoonish art. But every time I see Torghast's NPCs I think that NPCs (for some reason) receive a much better artistic treatment than us, the players ...
    Inb4 it becomes stupid like GW2 colors and palettes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crimson Spears View Post
    Was looking at some old armor sets for a new alt as a beginning place to make a new transmog set before building a more unique one and this thought came to me.

    Blizzard often states the art team is one of the few teams with down times between patches. It got me thinking if blizzard ever decided to visually update old items would you want the updated item to be a new drop or to replace the original or allow access to both?

    For example with both if you had the original you would simply get the HD version added to your transmog inventory and the old drop would award both versions.

    Curious on what people's thoughts are on this.
    If possible, they should retain the old looks in addition to the new one. More options are always better.
    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    As for the "hone your skills" argument that some are tossing around, fuck that. Most people want to have fun. They're not logging onto WoW, the video game, as a self-improvement project. That's a ridiculous notion and goes right along with the idea that the game is "work." If it's not 'play' then you're doing it wrong. Sadly this is a concept that the devs seem to have lost sight of in their quest to keep anyone and everyone busy.

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    Overall, I'm satisfied with topic's thoughts direction... if only there was same approach to character models.
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    Same as they did with tomb T6, no need to remove old stuff

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    Ill be honest here! i would love to see old items being updated with new graphics !
    For example i have and i would love to see it getting an updated version :P into something like

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    Personally I would prefer if they updated old items to reflect new version, tired of having to look at transmogs that remind me of snes games. At the same time though, that is absolutely the wrong choice for the playerbase as a whole, and they should never do it, instead they should just repeat the thing they did with tomb.

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