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    how much raw gold do you get from killing a mythic bfa boss?

    I have soloed some legacy content (mythic legion raids, mythic bfa dungeons, lfr bfa) but so far it doesn't seem like it worth spending your time on these. The amount of gold you get per boss is too small. I tried to solo mythic taloc which seems very soloable but I can't keep up with the red beam until the end, I'm pretty sure I will solo him with better trinkets and a bit better illvl (200ilvl currently).

    Anyway, lfr taloc gave me like 60g and one epic item worth 15g. How much gold and epic items will I get from mythic taloc?

    I ask because someone mentioned here that mythic bfa raids are one of the best sources of gold income but I don't see how this is possible.

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    old raids are only sometimes good money, as blizzard periodically nerfs the raw gold and vendor gold from these places.

    i can't really imagine anything with personal loot being worth it over something with group loot (aka legion and before), especially considering kill times are still significant in more recent content.

    last time i looked into it i was suggested a route of queuing into LFR bosses that have low trash/walk times, but that was certainly before the last few rounds of adjustments.

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    When the invite pops for the first one, speak to the NPC again and queue for the second. It'll pop after you kill the final boss of whatever wing you're doing so for the above list it'll only work for those where they clear all bosses.

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