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Which is all a long-winded way of saying that "profit" is not the sole motivating factor when considering if a game is successful or not. Certainly it's important. But, especially as consumers, we really shouldn't be using that as our measuring stick.
And what part of those that play WoW have the right to decide whether the game is successful or not?
Is it players like me that enjoy the co-operative, competitive part of WoW?
Is it players that like to collect pets and mounts?
Is it the roleplayers?
Is it those that want the game to 100% to cater to only their idea of fun?

Because you have to give someone the right to decide it, because the player-base as a whole will 100% not be able to come to an agreement.
At best you have around 100 people here giving their opinion and to draw any kind of conclusion from such a small sample about the "average" opinion of the wow player-base seems quite non-scientific.

You could of course argue that successful = number of players, but then we have to accept that games like Candy Crush are much more successful because they have many more players.