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  • The Lost Boys

    4 7.69%
  • Robocop

    18 34.62%
  • Predator

    24 46.15%
  • Full Metal Jacket

    6 11.54%
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    It's 1987 what are you going to go see?

    Ok so, it's 1987 Friday Night you get to select 1 feature. Tickets are $3.50 $2.25 for the matinee before 6pm which one would you choose?

    Personally I am taking The Predator.
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    Full Metal Jacket, because I heard it's good.

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    Man, that was a hell of a lineup. Predator probably would be what I would want to see on the big screen.. (again)..

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    Your mo-- uh, probably Robocop.

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    I watched Predator not too long ago so I'll go with The Lost Boys.

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    I'd drive on by, nothing worthwhile in that list.

    I'd be looking for a cinema with Spaceballs showing

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    Given my age at the time none of those are Sesame Street and I would of given no fucks

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    Platoon and Lethal Weapon also came out. LW came out this very week.

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    well, seeing as the Predator is the only one of those on ur list I have seen in the cinema in recent years, I'd go with that one, I wasn't allowed to go to the cinema in the 80's...was forced to rely on tv n vhs tapes..
    The predator, is filmed very well, it still holds up, it looks like its a new movie, cinematography is amazing.

    the other movies, they are alright i guess.

    but seeing as I said I wasn't allowed at my age to go to the cinemas n those aren't kid friendly, I would have to honestly say I wouldn't have been allowed to see any of them..(but showing me a gazillion of kung fu movies where they beat the shit out of each other was perfectly fine!)
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    If was old enough to buy my own movie tickets I would have snuck into predator at least a dozen times.

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    Full Metal Jacket, matinee. Sneak into Robocop.

    Come back at 7 for Predator, get dinner and return for the midnight showing of The Lost Boys.

    I probably did a combination of all this for these films at the actual time. I was 12 years old in 1987 and I used to go to the movies multiple times a day often with my dad and sister.
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    Eh. All meh movies. Why are these the only choices?

    No Lethal Weapon? No Good Morning Vietnam? Hoosiers? The Golden Child?

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    I've seen all of them. Full Metal Jacket is the best, but it is sort of a very messed up movie and not for everyone.

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    Lost Boys if it is 87. Full Metal Jacket now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterymask View Post
    Given my age at the time none of those are Sesame Street and I would of given no fucks
    I'd love to see the skit for that. It would open with Near and Far comparisons, followed by fucks and no fucks.
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    If they would have let me into the cinema to watch it when I was 8 it would have been Robocop, but I had to wait for it to release on VHS.
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    Robocop for sure

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    Malone, obviously. I mean, I've already seen Predator. And the plotline is surprisingly relevant.
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    Torn between The Lost Boys and Predator.

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    Seen them all, but if I was back as myself in 1987 without any knowledge, I'd pick Predator. (Though today I value Robocop and especially Full metal Jacket higher)

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    And cut the intro where it shows the alien crash landing. Keep it a secret like the original marketing.

    Mind blown.
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