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    The crux is that scaling of secondary stats was completely out of whack, especially early on and thus a trinket that had its entire budget in secondary stats was far more powerful than it should have been.

    The entire Arcanocrystal was more or less an exception and cannot be compared to items such as Onslaught Belt in Classic that were powerful in their own right.
    why not? a locked itemslot is a locked itemslot, no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    I think it was every 11 weeks, given the bosses were on rotation.
    okay, every week that he was up
    people did farm the broken shore and the argus currency to roll one from the thaumaturge, as well.

    (people did kill ursoc every week for a while)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kehego View Post
    why not? a locked itemslot is a locked itemslot, no?
    Because a single item is not equal to the plethora of items in Classic / TBC that last for multiple tiers.

    At the end of Classic, people were still doing Ony / MC, because loot in there is still good, now the first tiers get instantly discarded after the launch of the next one.

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