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Yeah Lich King feels like a saturday morning cartoon villain in Wrath. Shows up with big talk then makes some minions of him to "get rid of the unwanted guests!" and we beat the minions and so on.

But there's a reason why Arthas appears after every corner in Northrend. In TBC Blizzard found out that many players didn't even know who Illidan was and why we were fighting him. So they made sure to introduce the villain more in Wrath but they over did it IMO.
Yeah, it was a common complaint at the time that Arthas showing up and not killing us repeatedly cheapened him as an end boss.

And WoW has frequently had these giant pendulum swings in design philosphy. From Illian never showing up to Arthas constantly. From MoP's overwhelming amount of daily's (at the start) to WoD being completely barren.