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    Exclamation Another film about Ted Bundy: Chad Michael Murray to Star, 'American Boogeyman'

    SOURCE: https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/...can-boogeyman/

    ‘House of Wax’ Star Chad Michael Murray Becomes Ted Bundy, the ‘American Boogeyman’

    Daniel Farrands, best known amongst horror fans as the director of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, is continuing his tour through true crime with American Boogeyman, based on the untold story of the intrepid detective and rookie FBI profiler who pursued serial killer Ted Bundy.

    ScreenDaily reports that Chad Michael Murray, known for his roles in Warner Bros.’ beloved House of Wax remake, Lionsgate’s The Haunting In Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia, and the CW’s “Riverdale”, stars as Bundy, with Voltage Pictures securing worldwide rights to the thriller and Fathom Events releasing it theatrically across the US on August 16.

    “Set in a gritty and decadent 1970s America, American Boogeyman follows the elusive and charming killer and the manhunt that brought him to justice involving the detective and the FBI rookie who coined the phrase ‘serial killer’.”

    Rounding out the cast are Lin Shaye (Insidious, The Grudge) and Holland Roden (Sony’s upcoming Escape Room 2, MTV’s Teen Wolf).

    Farrands also helmed the “true crime” films The Amityville Murders, The Haunting of Sharon Tate, and The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.

    Fathom has also secured US theatrical distribution rights to Voltage Pictures’ recently announced companion piece ‘Monster Prequel’ American Boogeywoman about serial killer Aileen Wuornos, which is also directed by Farrands and stars Peyton List, Tobin Bell, Lydia Hearst, Nick Vallelonga, Swen Temmel, Meadow Williams, and Andrew Biernat.

    Fathom will release that film in select US theatres on September 20. Voltage and Dark Star Pictures handle downstream rights.

    So of course social media, primarily Twitter, is buzzing about this. Most of what I've read is taking issue with the fact that yet another film about Ted Bundy is coming... which I agree with.

    Others are taking issue with romanticizing serial killers in the media, making them hot, which adds to the overall glorifying of actual real life monsters as been the norm for over 30 years. This won't change.

    My personal opinion: these films sometimes put the names of these monsters into people's minds who else would not have known about them. But as it stands Ted Bundy has had many films made about him. He may be the most infamous, in terms of the effect he had on the nation during his reign of terror, but if we are to continue getting films about serial killers... why not one of the other hundreds that have wreaked havoc on humanity? If it were to be an issue of simply bringing their names, their crimes, and their victim's to light on a larger stage that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KOUNTERPARTS View Post
    Not going to watch one of these until they cast Glenn Howerton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StillMcfuu View Post
    Not going to watch one of these until they cast Glenn Howerton.

    These 2 are eerily similar looking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KOUNTERPARTS View Post
    These 2 are eerily similar looking.
    I would argue that Glenn already played bigger sociopath.

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    "the untold story..." Huh... somehow I doubt its really untold at this point - lol - from any perspective. And the 'FBI rookie who coined the phrase' story's been covered by several books and, most recently, the now cancelled "Mind Hunter" Netflix series. So yea - its been told.

    And I agree with your last statement, OP -

    I too just wish they'd expand the coverage to the bajillions of other serial killers there hasn't been ANY tv show (outside of one-off episodes as parts of longer series) or movie about. Ted Bundy isn't even the most interesting serial killer in US history, much less world history. Some of the most diabolical and twistedly sick serial killers (with decades longer careers than Bundy) have rarely to never been covered at all - and that's where people are missing out on cashing in here. Along with the stories of the few child/teen serial killers out there - talk about untapped stories that are more interesting!

    As a professional in the field of psychology (and that's as specific as I'm gonna be on a public forum ha) with an amateur study interest in the psychology/biology of the serial killer specifically - there are just so many more serial killers out there they could do shows/movies about then the same handful Hollywood keeps going over.

    The fact that no one in Hollywood has yet to cash in on Albert Fish, for example - *blows* my mind. A real life American serial killer so twistedly sadistic AND masochistic that his particular brand of crazy STILL has yet to be matched by another serial killer (because he did *all sorts* and not just one or two types of kills, on children, and himself, for decades). But there's only been one or two small budget documentaries on him in the last decade, that are almost impossible to find anymore to even watch. This guy's real life story and crimes makes Ed Gein (the serial killer most know as the inspiration for several horror movie boogeymen) seem like a bumbling freshman.

    Part of me wonders if he's just 'too awful' for Hollywood to start to touch yet - and maybe that's why no one has. Be nice if that was true; somehow I doubt it.

    But most people have no idea who he is. (And if you, forum reader, don't know him - google him sometime. You'll be shocked - if not at the severity and range of his disturbances then at the fact no one's done a movie about him or turned him into a horror movie franchise-villain yet.)

    Such an untapped well of more interesting and twisted serial killers out there for Hollywood to make bank on. But they just keep redoing the same ones. Ted Bundy would crap his pants if he had to go up against the likes of Albert Fish.
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