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    and I see people wiping regularly in NORMAL instance.
    I mean, you see people failing +12s regularly. Says more about the people than they instance - not to say that normal instances are actually hard (I wiped like 15 times yesterday in normal HoA) because people interrupting is not an option and butt pulling/people thinking that they can pull for the tank and there it is.

    Tho that is HoA exceptionally - multiple patrols and lots of trash in the way. Havent wiped in PF/Mists at all.

    I don't think anyone plays TBC for cutting edge "challenge" unless you are speedrunning. TBC has superior average player progression where the raids aren't too hard so you can attain your BiS by playing, unlike retail, if you struggle, gear won't carry at all unless you are already good enough and lets face it, character progression in retail is shit and most of competitive people view lack of gear as a block towards their goals, not a progression path - including myself, I hate that my BiS trinket drops from raid which I don't do, so it just obstructs me from pushing as hard as I could in m+.
    Obviously there are other systems which people like, but in regards to raiding it challenges you plenty, but it's not out of your reach unless you play the game by clicking your spells slower than GCD and backpaddle/keyboard turn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    so fairly decent group you would think?well those same players wiped for 2 hours on nythendra >_<
    This. Most wipes we had in EN raid was 30-40 I believe besides one boss. Xavius was killed like a joke on 7th pull BUT we had 140 wipes on Nightmare dragons. I can't remember what the issue was there, but it was add/boss positioning and control. And according to many people that boss was easier than spider/ilgy/Cenarius/Xav.

    Anyway, those wipes mean nothing in raiding. I can remember myself in TBC, playing shadow priest with healing gear because I wanted to help.
    Trading my T4 items for protection warrior tierset as a furry warrior because I wanted to survive longer and my friend told me to do the same thing as he did. And we were raiding ZA, we were doing Gruul, Kara. First boss in BT after they lifted attunements. Maybe Supremus too? I can deffo remember us getting fucked in RoS.

    I mean if I could do SOME of the fights back then, I don't know what I would be able to do now

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    oh the fight is easy no getting around that

    but that doesnt mean people dont make silly mistakes or arent taking it seriously for the first few times,i mean method and limit have their fair share of examples of silly mistakes on even easier stuff than clicking a cube
    Quote Originally Posted by erifwodahs View Post
    I mean, you see people failing +12s regularly. Says more about the people than they instance
    The problem is that going for this, nothing is ever hard, and "difficulty" becomes nonsensical. Most video game forums ends up as a contest of humblebragging where everything is easy and only people being bad or not paying attention fail. I trust more reality check and how often people actually wipe or die, and try not to simplify difficulty to "easy and hard and nothing in-between".

    If top players extremely invested in the game die 8 times on a fight during a world first race, I'd say the fight is maybe not "that faceroll easy". This doesn't translate in "tHe hard3st F1ghT 3v3r !", this just means that most players will have a decent or hard challenge with it, which seems to fit "difficult" much more than the constant one-upmanship on the forums.

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