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    Aren't Dark Rangers just hunters who use shadow magic as a baseline for their attacks?
    theyre pretty much like DKs but they use bows.

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    No where did I say any thing about reanimating corpses just Raising A skeleton and that's what it was.

    They changed it to what you showed there later on. Either I said above, they did not make this change to the ability because of reasons of thematic accuracy towards the class, but rather because of practical reasons/the mechanical application towards the design of MM.

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    and almost every other class got the ability's there weapons had you wouldn't say Dk's cant raise undead or that Pally's could only do a holy wake because of ashbringer why would we single out hunters as being the only class not tied to there artifact.
    Again, you're missing the point.

    I'm saying that the magic, such as the wind magic hunters had access to in Legion, wasn't there because we as hunters "had it in us", but we had access to it because we were wielding the weapon that contained said magic. Once the weapon lost it's power, so did we lose access to the magic and the use of said ability/-ies.

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    Then your not reading my post.
    Dark rangers have pretty much nothing that wouldn’t fit into a reskin of pre legion survival being a 4th hunter spec.
    Yes I do.

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    If they weren't already in the game or were in the game and then taken out then they could just be made into the same spec.
    What kind of argument is this? Because those specs I mentioned are currently in the game, it makes sense that their individual abilities are mechanically similar, just with different skins/aesthetics? But seeing as Dark Rangers aren't already in the game as a playable class, it wouldn't...?

    That's some twisted logic right there...

    Quote Originally Posted by Daemos daemonium View Post
    And I'm saying based on there track record there is no reason for them to go about it a comply different way when they don't actually care about lore/fantasy when it comes to specs. If there not gonna hold them self's to the rules for any other case why should/would they do it for this one Special case?
    It's not completely different.

    Sometimes they do adhere to fantasy and lore, sometimes they don't. In the cases where they don't, it's usually because of player agency and accessibility. But that doesn't mean that we should accept it as a default, when it clearly isn't.

    And from what you've said so far, it sounds as if you actually think that Dark Rangers are fit to become their own class, rather than serving as part of another one. But you argue against it because they(devs) don't always make choices that are thematically correct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemos daemonium View Post
    Dark ranger's have like five ability's when it comes to wow and most of them are reskins of hunter ability's or ability's hunter have had.

    All the prattle about how they don't mana or how some dev said they weren't suppose to use magic back in 2005 is nice and all but also Irrelevant.
    Its not realy a reason as others have said. Monk and demon hunters had less. You know that new abillities can be created right?

    It boils down to opinions on why you dont like it or why you like it. No offence, but not realy worth discussing that. Any archtype has as much chance. Even spellbreakers or wardens. Its a matter of when blizz feels like it.
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