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    OK so when you metamorphosis your annihilation does 30% more damage than chaos strike, but death sweep does 74% more damage than blade dance... I feel that annihilation doesn't meet its name in power, feels weak, it should be at least like chaos bolt, 100% critical chance and critical damage to be increased by your critical chance, also blade dance / death sweep, that first blood talent should be baseline not a talent

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    That would be way too overpowered. It also feels a lot better from a playing point of view to constantly go in and out in short bursts rather than only going in once every 10 minutes. A cooldown of that caliber would probably be the longest in the game by far.

    But as far as first blood being baseline, yeah we've all wanted that for a long time.

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    To start with metamorphosis is a meh spell thats on a very long cooldown compared to what it actually does. its one of the weakest cds in game atm, if not the weakest

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    At least before you could generally rely on metamorphosis to keep you alive if anything due to its healing. But ever since that was nerfed to the ground along with all the damage output, it’s nothing more than a boring button you push every few minutes for a slight damage bit. Before at least you felt you were going into op mode like a pally popping its wings (before that got nerfed and then made to happen much more frequently as well), but yeah these days metamorphosis just sucks. May as well make it a cosmetic skin for all the good it offers these days.

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