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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    Actually Netherstorm has little to do with void shenanigans of any kind, but rather with raw magic overall. It is also heavily linked to belfs, and especially Kael, as it can be seen with half of the quests there and the entire TK, as well as two out of the three associated dungeons.
    Tempest Keep was more associated with the Sunfury Blood Elves. Yes, Silvermoon and the Horde forces were involved in pushing them back and "defeating" Kael'thas, but if we look into it...especially where High Astromancers Solarian was and her group of Void-studying Apprentices, then a case can be made that if Blizzard decide to give the Void Elves more of a "Capital" or "Citadel", then they can't go far wrong with Tempest Keep. (Or teleporting Tempest Keep to Telgrous Rift...perhaps Umbric gives us some insight into what Solarian was actually doing.) Silvermoon Blood Elves don't need, nor would they actually want, Tempest Keep. You've got to remember, the time when Tempest Keep was a "home" for the Blood Elves, it was when they were still without the Sunwell, and were searching for ways to sate their magical addiction. Now Void Elves aren't like that - but the "Void" angle that was extremely present within the Keep, it does open up doors for the Ren'dorei to have an extra floating Citadel of their own, which is just for Alliance Thalassian Elves.

    Also, as mentioned - the Horde were the ones who, in the lore - took down Kael'thas in Tempest Keep. We could expand Umbric's lore and he could have been one of the "Horde forces" at the time, who ventured in and saw what Kael'Thas, Solarian and the others were doing.
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