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    Deeply Rooted Elements Bugged for Ele?

    While waiting for 9.1, I decided to purchase all the legos with my soul ash and play around with them.

    I ran 4 15s with Deeply Rooted Elementals, with a meme build to see the potential of this setup.

    - I did this on my Necro Ele (have 4 eles, but Necro made the most sense)
    - Used Echoing Shock Talent
    - Used Surge of Power Talent
    - Used Stormkeeper instead of Ascendance (so I would know what procs came from what)

    I'll post the results of the final run, but they all were statistically the same.

    - Lavaburst Cast = 237 count
    - Lavaburst Cast + Echoing Shock, Primordial Wave, and Ascendance procn Lavaburst = 354 count
    - Lavaburst Overload = 67 count
    - Lavaburst Cast + Echoing Shock, PW, Ascendance proc, and Overload = 421 count

    So at the maximum we are looking at 421 lavaburst that I fired off in the dungeon. At the minimum (the number of times I actually cast LVB), we are looking at 237.

    So how many times did Ascendance Proc? 9

    Thats right.. 9 times in 237-421 Lvb, and this was similar in the other 3 15s I ran.

    Now I know % doesn't mean its guaranteed to match it, but this is very far off.

    Even if I remove every single echoing shock LVB, every single Ascendance Proc LVB, every single PW spread LvB, and I ignore overloads... the proc chance is still only 3.8%

    If I include other ways of casting LvB (which makes sense as the lego works for PW giving riptide in Resto), the procrate drops down to an astoundingly low 2.1%

    My takeaway is that this only procs on hardcast lavaburst, and maybe lavasurge proc lavaburst. But nothing else. I really thought it had some potential memery with surge of power spreading flame shock, but at this 2.1% procrate, its more of a joke than anything else.

    Here's to hoping they address this is 9.1
    I'll keep testing to see if maybe i just had a terrible run of bad luck.. but when you expect to get ~29 procs and you get 9.... that's a big difference.

    Anyone else see something similar? Btw this thread isn't to say whether or not DRE is a good legendary, we all know it's not. This is more about it actually following its tooltip

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    Didn't they nerf the proc chance from surge tho very early into the xpac or even the pre stages? And the Sims / theory crafting at one point said that proc was pretty bad. If I'm not mistaken that's not the first time ele had that proc to ascendence and it was bad then also.
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    I can confirm that "free" casts do not trigger the legendary. That includes primordial wave and ascendance triggered Lava Bursts. Overloads are different spells entirely, and also cannot trigger it. This was how Blizzard removed the recursive nature of the legendary.

    That said, there's nothing to suggest the 7% tooltip is wrong, you just got unlucky. Both hard casts and surges can trigger it.

    The legendary does still suck.

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