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    26 8.33%
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    138 44.23%
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    17 5.45%
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  • Next Year

    18 5.77%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyel View Post
    And that's exactly what I mentioned they are doing for 9.1 and most likely will be doing for 9.2 as well? That's the entire point. Plus ending the expansion on 9.2 will help getting 10.0 out sooner. I'm fairly optimistic that we'll be getting 10.0 in late 2022.
    But there not cutting or reusing content baring art In 9.1 and art is likely already always a head so reusing some won’t recoup lost time.

    If they do cut 9.3/make 9.2 smaller then that would help ya as it’s a full tiers worth of code and design they can throw at a new expan but that’s get to be seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyel View Post
    the only thing that's missing is like an addition to the borrowed power system, but we get new legendaries and conduits, so that might be counted as that; nothing in the style of Essences though).
    They are adding those special sockets to SoD gear, which aren't actually sockets... but instead work off a convoluted shard system they are still working at. Because that's exactly what SL needs, moar systemz ftw.
    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    As for the "hone your skills" argument that some are tossing around, fuck that. Most people want to have fun. They're not logging onto WoW, the video game, as a self-improvement project. That's a ridiculous notion and goes right along with the idea that the game is "work." If it's not 'play' then you're doing it wrong. Sadly this is a concept that the devs seem to have lost sight of in their quest to keep anyone and everyone busy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wraethion View Post
    Simple, their normal development cycle was delayed when developing Endwalker. Pandemic created a delay in their work schedule which added +138 days, and that back in April 2020 was when the developers had to work remotely from home. I figured this timeline would also serve as a visual aid. That as you can see the main part where they got hit with the disruption from the pandemic was during their 5.2 patch and some into their 5.4 patch. For 5.5 those days include up to the release date for Endwalker.

    Also the devs admit that their workflow was affected by the pandemic and they apologized to the players for the delays.

    After the pandemic patch though they still managed to drop there normal 2 mini patches to lead up to the .3 patch and both .3 .4 an .5 cadence is similar to the past expansions and were about 4 months from each other.

    Not to mention its not like Blizzard, they haven't bailed out on the expansion now that .5 is out, 3 minor patches to build up to Endwalker, with 2 more event patches and a fan service patch til Endwalker in Nov.

    Meanwhile in that same Window as listed about Blizzard is struggling to get out 1 patch..

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