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    [H][EU][Darkmoon faire] <Divine Misfortune> 6/10 M Recruiting for 9.1

    Guild & Server: <Divine Misfortune> -{H] Darkmoon Faire
    Language(s): English
    Raid Times/Days: Tuesday,Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time
    Current Progression: 6/10M
    Recruitment Contacts: Discord: Ignil#7541 Fedaykin#2723

    Needs: Any class
    Requirements: Divine Misfortune is a guild going on for 9 years with a lot of raiding experience..
    Currently we want to bolster our ranks to push as close as we can towards CE in 9.1
    Knowledge of your class and tactics are mandatory
    We provide flask and foods in our raids
    Will consider exceptional heroic logs but mostly looking raiders with at least some Mythic Xp!
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    Still recruiting

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    9.1 announced lets go!

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    Ranged Dps we need you

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    Ranged ranged ranged

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    Still recruiting

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