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    Blood DK issues moving into 9.1

    This is a predominantly PvP oriented post.
    I dont have issues with BDK relative to PvE, the class can be fixed with tuning relative to PvE. That is simple.

    My issue with the spec, is that 100% of its itemization comes from PvP, which would be fine, if the spec was given attention relative to PvP.
    Im not attempting to state that BDK should be "Meta", or top tier, however it should be able to casually PvP with no issues.
    Currently in 9.0 its VERY close to that with a specific build(ask me if you want to know the build, where it behaves as a psuedo DPS).

    however, moving into 9.1 we are receiving PvP nerfs through lazy coding. Nerfs targeted at Frost/Unholy in the form of Strangulate range, and Aura range reductions aimed at Frost and Unholy. Why? Because lazy coding.

    Transfusion is EXACTLY what Blood needs.
    The spec would be 100% PvP functional with ZERO tuning required if u made Transfusion available to it.
    However, instead of doing that, Blizzard is deleting Transfusion in 9.1

    The Blood for Blood rework is just a joke that i dont even have to explain. Or atleast i hope i dont have to explain.

    Unless Blood receives Transfusion in 9.1, its not going to be PvP playable, even from a insanely casual angle.
    Which is a problem, because SL is main spec centric, and Bloods gear comes from PvP.

    "PvP as Frost to gear for Blood" is an unacceptable response.

    The spec needs Transfusion. Dont let Blizzard delete Transfusion from the game. Its a Blood themed talent, and is mind boggling it doesnt already have it.

    Imo flood DK forums with "Delete Blood for Blood, and switch it with Transfusion"
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    Tank specs don't belong in PvP.

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    They do from a casual perspective- Especially in a main spec centered expansion. atleast if you're going to make their itemization come from PvP. You cant just gate specs out of 50% of the games content, especially if those those specs are crucial for the success of the other 50%, and need to gear from PvP to do PvE.
    Again, i did not say Blood should be meta, or top tier. I simply said it should be allowed to casually PvP to atleast 1800 for the sake of gearing purposes(as should every spec in the game).
    To say otherwise, just tells me you're one of those people who thinks only your spec should be playable, and everyone else should be fodder in comparison to your immense godliness.

    Also, Blood doesnt currently perform as a Tank in PvP, and Transfusion wouldnt change that.
    It behaves like a DPS, performs like a DPS, but doesnt have a "go"(Like Pillar of Frost).
    Transfusion fills that void.
    9.1 Frost and 9.1 Unholy would both be better, however Blood wouldnt be dead weight in PvP while its getting its Vers gear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hasslehoof View Post
    Tank specs don't belong in PvP.
    This, period.
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    Unfortunately the game isn't balanced in terms of PVP around the casual player.

    And also i agree, tanks specs don't belong in PVP bar flag carrying in BGS.

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    "Tank specs don't belong in PvP."

    Such an exclusionist statement, ofcourse every player should get to play the spec of their choosing in PvP.
    Even at stages when blood dk's were at their most over-powered state, they shouldn't be segregated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hasslehoof View Post
    Tank specs don't belong in PvP.
    This man gets it. In PvP, if the tank is having fun, nobody else is. This has always been the case. Tanks don't belong in PvP.

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    Thread full of sad WoW players that can't beat a tank in arena.

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