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    So, either the Void Lords or maybe even the First Ones?

    Okay. Make them the hardest bosses ever, and only have 1% of Guilds either see them at best, or beat them. EZ

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    If I knew that any expansion would be the last one, aka the end of wow, I wouldn't even bother playing.

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    Why would people farm the fuck out of min maxing for 2 years, in a game declared dead?

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    Blizzard doesnt seem to operate like this. D3 ended with a whimper. they released the necro patch and then that was it. no fanfare. years later d3 quietly was handed to the legacy team.

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    if i were to do it, id create 10 raids, 8 bosses each. set them to auto-release once per year. you need gear from the last raid to clear the next one. unfortunately, they wont be beta tested. thatll be up to the legacy team.
    TO FIX WOW:1. smaller server sizes & server-only LFG awarding satchels, so elite players help others. 2. "helper builds" with loom powers - talent trees so elite players cast buffs on low level players XP gain, HP/mana, regen, damage, etc. 3. "helper ilvl" scoring how much you help others. 4. observer games like in SC to watch/chat (like twitch but with MORE DETAILS & inside the wow UI) 5. guild leagues to compete with rival guilds for progression (with observer mode).6. jackpot world mobs.

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    Probably just some kind of boring patch that no one cares about.

    Because Blizzard won't really put an effort in a game that isn't making money. WoW isn't going to suddenly die, the playerbase will go lower and lower to the point where it wouldn't be financially wise to keep the servers up.

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    1: Chromie Time can now apply to max lvl as well, allowing you to choose whatever expansion for content and gear

    That's really it.
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    I think your problem is a lack of intellect.

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    the problem is that wow will not just make a cut probably but it will decline in subscriptions and then the team will say "well noone wants to play this game so we wont make an addon", that could leave wow unfinished (they would probably finish that addon with the last planned patches and thats it)

    i like how guild wars 1 did it: you got the last expansion "Eye of the North" where you fought something big and you got a little spoiler that some dragon might wake up. this was the cliffhanger where guild wars2 continued with all its new systems, classes, races and the story focussing about those 5 elder dragons. besides you could get cosmetical rewards in guild wars 2 for achievements you got in gw1 like flame swords etc (only transmog stuff) and pets or even titles so that ppl in gw2 saw that you were a veteran of the first game. this was really well thought in my opinion.

    if they do something in that matter in wow you will most likely have a very dark ending:
    azeroth as planet and as titan is the main focus of the game , we as normal inhabitants of this world developed into strong champions that are now asked to protect azeroth (age of mortals - because the dragon aspects are basically useless after the deathwing fight), so if you want a logical transition to a wow2 you have some options , in that case: azeroth evolves into titan on our side, azeroth gets corrupted and fucks everything up or azeroth dies. i dont know what would be the best way to "end" our characters so we could emerge to some kind of (forgotten) legends of the past.

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    Since I very much doubt we'll see a WoW 2, and since we're playing wish list here, I'd like to see a graphical overhaul of all zones to match the standard of the latest expansion environment visuals, a removal of the faction divide outside of PvP, and ongoing patch content for as long as there's a player base to warrant it. These patches would be episodic story campaigns unfolded over solo and grp scenarios leading to a mega-dungeon to cap the story. You wouldn't have to be facing apocalyptic world ending threats, just ones that threaten a NPC faction or some a hero for hire sort of arrangement.

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    an event, a final battle with some boss that ends with a starship breaking/crashing the sky, revealing terrans and zersg and protoss, and it being a gateway to starcraft mmo lol , imagine a warcraft starcraft crossover, this whole time, it was actually the starcraft universe

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    Final patch of WOW: Our reality shatters and we realized that we actually died fighting N'zoth and our consciousness contained in a pocket universe in his mind.

    Peer outside the veiled see the N'zoth's armies in full swing populating the world.

    New game... World of Warcraft 2: The Black Empire.


    The final patch is where we actually finally realize that our cosmic meddling was the worst possible thing for our planet. Team up with the Infinite Dragonflight to go back in time and stop key events from happening, resetting the world. The final boss will occur in Ulduar, where your goal is to send off Algalon's original Reply Code for reorigination of the planet.

    Opens the way for a whole new lore and timeline with no previous constraints.
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    I'm usually a supporter of Blizzard but after seeing the way that Soulbinds are going to work on top of this change to M+ I'm deeply regretting my decision to preorder this expansion.
    Quote Originally Posted by otaXephon View Post
    Thanks man, your super hot take that WoW sucks is really refreshing.

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    if they end it i want them to make all dungeons scale to max and all raids scale to max because i had so much damn fun on that journey

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    Just finish it already and give as Warcraft 4 (i know that won't happen but who cares about my desires), i would love if the story elements were introduced through Warcraft and then we have the MMO to complement the later, get the same fights through a different POV, enrich the Universe, etc. I would prefer if the cycle was like that, a single player story rich game, preferably an RTS, for a couple of years (with good myltiplayer as Blizzard's games always have), which subsequently gives the lead to the MMO for a few more years (3-4), it probably is not financial feasible but i would prefer something along those lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinaa View Post
    If I knew that any expansion would be the last one, aka the end of wow, I wouldn't even bother playing.
    Do you not watch the final season of your favorite show? Or chapter of your favorite book?

    I’m loving the suggestions and energy of this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anciena View Post
    Incorporate the AllTheThings addon into the game. Have it set to display everything in the game that can be collected and if you have collected it, with an overall percentage. There will be completionists going for 100%
    I don't get why it isn't already incorporated already, the base ui is so bad to track stuff

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    Just do a Blizzcon introducing WoW 2 with whatever.

    And make people farm stuff/finish the main story in WoW 1. How to do it? Give bonuses to players im WoW 2 that manage to get things in WoW 1, like titles, cosmetics, housing system stuff, etc etc. To add massive value to those stuff, make them tradeable in a WoW2 market, that alone was responsible for a lot of Battle Royales gameplay.

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