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    When does blatant ignorance border upon incitement/trolling? There isn't any discussion to have anymore if one party is just spitting nonsense at rapid-fire rate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PC2 View Post
    Fantastic, now you're helping to get the truth out there with every post.

    Also you do realize that science is not about equations or formulas, right? Science is about physically testable explanation and not mathematical expressions nor data.
    You sure are going to some very stupid lengths to try and weasel out of admitting you're consistently wrong about climate change. Rofl.
    The Were/Was Army: "Nooo you can't just vaporize my entire armored division, we had such a manly recruitment ad!"
    The They/Them Army: "Omg integrated fire support?? Go off queen sksksks, JDAMs are such a gemini thing."

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    What kind of point even is "Math isn't science"? So what? What is it even hoping to achieve?

    Imagine a fictional world where math isn't science. That changes nothing. Climate change is happening and is a major threat to our health and safety.
    Plenty of people have been holding their breath waiting for me to fail. I think they all suffocated years ago.
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    Just came here to remind people that the right has no moral conscious. If they ever try to morally scold you, it's not because they think what you're doing is wrong. Is because it's effective, and want to discourage you from doing it.

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    Look around your house your office, your kitchen - numbers make everything work.

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