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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolvarg View Post
    Even back then I wasn’t using the sight to point to wow being on top but because some One said “google it” and that’s the first site that came up on google.

    When it comes to the site in of it self just like I said I didn’t trust it in that post after looking into it the site is just made up numbers pull out of Thin air.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wuusah View Post
    All those numbers are just speculation. FF14 has never given any numbers for active players and WoW stopped giving them long ago.
    Yep, that is pretty much where the story begins and ends. We know fuck all about how many people play each game. And obviously fans of either claim that they have the most players.

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    "Game vs. Game" threads don't tend to produce much in the way of constructive discussion or debate. Closing this.
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