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    i don't hate it's just boring and annoying to go everywhere to get rsvps. I like growing seeds in the nightfae garden, less work
    The only really annoying rsvp is the droman aliothe one, but you can get multiple items for it in one go and just turn it in later. Rest is kill a mob, or talk to an npc type of thing. But sure, I agree the rsvp thing should just be cut completely
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    I want Activision-Blizzard to burn, but for crimes against gaming, not because they got me too'd.

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    What, Ember Court is the most fun content in the game currently.

    Edit: Also when you get Best Friend with a guest you no longer need to do rsvp quests.

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    Are there any negatives to making holiday bosses drop M0 item level? 158 is so bad.

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