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    Not anymore

    I doubt Sylvanas is getting any formal class change just because her eyes change color. But who knows, she's been so unique and was the only one who used Banshee powers that we don't really know if she's lost all that because she has her soul back.
    That's not really an example.
    Every other Dark Ranger/Warden have those.
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    WoW doesn’t need a bunch more elves. No thanks on that bit. Another alternate timeline doesn’t bother me too much, because it opens up a bunch of ideas. WoD was bad because of Garrisons.

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    I had a concept for "Ancient Kalimdor", except it would've been a patch in my concept, and not on our Azeroth but an alternate one.

    The story would go that Murozond returned and, after a failed attempt to destroy us in the opening patch, he'd go back in time and get help from AU Lei Shen. The Thunder King would lay waste to all opposition thanks to Murozond's future knowledge, and he'd eventually become the World King, with his new palace over top the Well of Eternity.

    Kalimdor would be intact, Azshara would be dead, and the "lesser races" would either be subjugated, in hiding, or completely wiped out. Among other alternate, dystopic events. Also Murozond might not be as safe as he thinks he is in this alternate timeline.
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